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Do The Electronic Pest Controllers Really Work?

Asked by BBSDTfamily (6834points) April 7th, 2009

There is an infommercial about a plug-in device that sends waves of something through the walls and supposedly rids the house of pests. There are also several other companies selling similiar products. Does anyone know if they actually work? It seems like it would make rodents/insects begin flooding into your house when you first plug the thing in!

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I wouldn’t place much faith in it. Especially since it’s on a infomercial. I think.. I’m not sure…. nay.. fairly positive.. that it’s a prerequisite for the product to be completely meaningless and devoid of utility to have a chance at infomercial air time.

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I, also, would like to hear from some people with actual experience…

…but I do have some knowledge of these products and I can tell you that when you plug these things in you DO get a flurry of bug/rodent activity for a while as they try to get away from the noise. Also, these devices may start to lose their effect on some critters over time. The consensus I’ve heard is that some good models can work in some cases – but it’s probably not a long-term solution. And you shouldn’t panic in the first week or two when you see a mob of spiders running around your house.

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