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What is the best foods/snacks to take on the trail?

Asked by Shecky_Johnson (720points) April 7th, 2009

I like to Day hike and am wondering what types of food and why. Like what your body needs and why. Are salty snacks important? Should I stick to protein?

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Dried Mango is one of my favorites. And some good granola or trail mix.

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Something with high sugar content, for a quick boost

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Dried Mango , Dried Banana and orange juice

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High sugar = for energy
High fat = warmth (depending on the season)
Salt tablets = to retain water

Salt Tablets will help you retain water, but salty foods will make you thirsty.
Granola is a good, it is lightweight and filling
Avoid Bananas in summer months (if you eat banana, then sweat, it will attract mosquitoes
Beef sticks are good for protein, but they usually have a lot of added salt.

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I make a little thing called Trail Mix!
1 can Planter’s peanuts
1 bag of regular M&Ms
1/2 box of Sunmaid raisins

You can vary what you put in this. Sometime I throw in some mini chocolate chips, or substitute cashews for the peanuts, or use golden raisins or craisins instead of the raisins. Use your imagination but try to keep to the salty, sweet, and chocolate combination.

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i like clif bars and apples.

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For my orange juice i add salt and some water ( fresh orange juice) its what the cyclists use to get there fluids back .
Tub of peanut butter ,eggs ( boiled )

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Sesame Snaps
Dried Meat
Solid bar of semi-sweet dark chocolate
Fresh fruit (if day hike)
Dried fruit (if more than a day)

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