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Do you use protection in your sexual fantasies?

Asked by jrpowell (40542points) April 7th, 2009

Say I am alone and fantasize about sex I always include a condom. Part of me says I am the only mofo that does this. Am I crazy?

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You have a condom fetish. Weirdo :)

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I do not use protection in my sexual fantasies. Ever.

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if by protection you mean hand cuffs…then yes.

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I’m not a big fan of condoms.

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I don’t. We do use them when we actually have sex though, but fantasy is when we can do it however I like.

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I try to but either the Chinese midget or the goat pulls it off.

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Not only do I not need them in my fantasies (thankfully – they suck, eh!) but I seem to be taller, sexier and well-hung as well.

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Hum… nah, I never use protection in my fantasies. That’s why they’re fun- I don’t have to think about the bad what-ifs.
My fantasies don’t include STDs or babies.

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Sounds like you have some major trust issues that leech into your fantasies.

Or you have a condom fetish.

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No. Just spermacide jelly.

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Come to think of it, even in my fantasies the women wear locked chastity belts that I can’t open. So I guess the answer is “yes”.

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@Mr_M You just sent me down memory lane to that woody allen film…

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I might be the only weirdo to think so but… if you use condoms for sexual intercourse then it’s probably a great thing you incorporate them into your fantasies to train your brain to see the condom as a positive maybe even an enhancement to sex. I’m a woman but I think it’s a cool idea.

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I agree – and I only practice safe sex – but – I don’t use condoms in my fantasies. Because, ummmm, they’re fantasies? (Like, totally?) ;-)

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but they are fantastical magical condoms!

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Doesn’t Willy Wonka make fantastical magical condoms in his factory?

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Jp How do you make time to even think of such a thing during a fantasy. And really if you think about it its a “fantasy” therefor there is no need for the protection, because in fantasies STDs and babies don’t exist. =] Just seems to me an unnecessary precaution, especially in the moment of such a fantasy.

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