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What does beer taste like to you?

Asked by squirbel (4292points) April 7th, 2009

I’ve never gotten a taste for it, and every one of my friends who I ask ”What does it taste like?” shrugs and says “I just like it.”

It tastes bitter to me. :(

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bitter carbonated toilet water…

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It taste bad… I don’t like it either. It reminds me of the time I drank some sweet tea that was really old and had gone bad but way worse than that.

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It depends on the beer.

Some beer can be delicious. It can have hints of grapefruit, wheat, and even chocolate.

Some beer can be down right nasty, though.

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There are some I like, Blue Moon.
But beer is honestly an acquired taste, I think. There are tasty ones, as mentioned above…but it’s not so much delicious on it’s own as…more tasty comparatively.

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What does coffee taste like to you?

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What VS said.

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Tastes like beer. Personally, I don’t like the dark or hoppy beers. Too bitter for me. But a good wheat beer, mmm… If all you’ve ever tried is some crap like Coors Light, then I can understand. But if you’ve tried something worthwhile and still don’t like it, maybe you just aren’t meant to be a beer drinker.

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i used to hate it. its just something that you have to make yourself like. it tastes like determination.

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It is an acquired taste. There’s just something about a nice cold beer on a hot day. Like @essieness, I don’t like the dark beers either. I prefer a nice pale ale. Lite beer is just too watered down for me, bleh!

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It taste like sweet, sweet, nectar from god.

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Dry, bitter water. I’m not so big on beer, unless it’s dark just cause it tends to be thicker, even though I usually don’t drink the whole thing. Only beer I’ve ever really liked is this apricot brewed in a restaurant in San Francisco.

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tastes like yummy goodness and then warm and then sleepy…in that order

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It has its own taste and one that most need to get used to before they can start to enjoy it.

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Wow, these answers are a lot better than the ones I get irl. Thanks, and keep the descriptions coming :)

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Coffee… I don’t like it either.

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There are as many different beer varieties as there are wine varieties. It’s impossible to describe the taste of beer in just one post. It depends upon the beer, the style, the age, etc.

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I think it taste gross. I don’t even know what to compare it to.

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@larsalan Who me? A bottle of Lindemans Lambic Frambois is going to be VERY different than a bottle of Stone Double Bastard Ale which is in turn going to be different than Russian River Pliny the Elder which will be different than Bud Light.

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What exactly do those different varieties taste like to you, Benny? I know there are many types – just name one and describe it’s flavor. Preferably one you like, since everyone has posted that they don’t like beer.

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@Benny I think he was saying that beer tastes like chicken…

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matrix… y’know? :D

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@boots LOL! Oh, okay. Well, I did get to expand my point that beer taste is very different based upon the beer.

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I’ve hated most beer that I’ve tried, but there have been a few that I actually enjoy. I tend to prefer IPAs because they taste somewhat lemony to me.

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@jonsblond i agree. it is an acquired taste. you either like beer or you don’t.

but to answer the question, think of beer as cereal. when you break it all down, that’s all it is—liquid cereal. you try the cereal at first and you don’t like it. but try it again and you, well, you “get it.” beer is in the mind. for americans it has to be cold and it goes well with cutting the grass on a hot summer day or as the first thing you drink when you arrive at a backyard BBQ.

it can be bitter or it can be sweet. it can have wet finishes and dry finishes. it can taste like toilet water or it can taste like fruit. beer, essentially, is a cup of black coffee—no sugar, no cream that compliments food like brats and pizza and steak. beer is a “finisher” and a “starter.”

it just goes with food.

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if you are just starting out or experimenting with beer, go with beer that has citrus elements. budweiser makes a lime-infused brew that blows “corona” out the water. no need to slice and squeeze the lime.

when you graduate from “pilsners,” you can really complement meals with deep rich orange-ish ales that have deep fruity overtones.

and the espresso of beers, once you get the beer PhD, bass or guiness. definitely an acquired taste. you have arrived if you order this or BYOBd somewhere.

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uh, does it seem like i like this thread?

ALSO, what is the big hub-bub about heineken? i hate the sweet after-taste. too wet and lingering. i like my beer bitter and dry. beck’s dark—hands down! give me another one, bro.

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My fiance prefers the darker beers too. I think one of his favorites is the darkest Newcastle.

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yes, newcastle is good. only think about dark rich beers, it is table and dinner beer. lighter beers like pilsners are drinkable beers. you can keep drinking it and deal with the buzz.

light-colored beer: cutting grass, watching a game, hanging out at the ball park
dark-colored: dining, slower intake, do not cut grass.

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I’m thinking Guinness (nectar of the Gods). To me, it’s a creamycaramellysmooth goodness.

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It depends on the beer, just like everything we put in our system. Actually, good mico brewed beer like Sam Adams or ShipYard is great. Cheap, mass produced beer is nearly tasteless.

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a good, very cold pale ale tastes like heaven to me. i don’t know how to describe it, i just like it. especially on a hot day or after a stressful day at work ;) i agree with previous answers though, that some people are just not beer drinkers.

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It tastes like vinegar to me. I can’t even get past the rancid smell. Ick!

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Beer tastes like HEAVEN, actually. :D

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I can’t stand beer, so to me it tastes like urine mixed with leftovers from a 3-day bubble bath, plus some sewege water to improve the taste. I once had a sip accidentally (picked up my girlfriend’s glass instead of mine) and had to spit it out again.

I know most people around the world love it, but for some weird reason I don’t.

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Beer tastes how I always imagined cat piss would taste.

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Somehow every question drops me into the middle of the twilight zone…. what happened to good old fashioned days when we could sit around.. watch the superbowl.. order a pizza.. and have a few ice cold beers? I swear the metro-sexual population needs to be culled.

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@NaturalMineralWater—Along with everyone else who challenges gender roles, and watches and/or supports porn?

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@MacBean The purple metro-poly discords tennis potato.

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Lurve for debauched mathematics.

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1554 is a dark beer made by New Belgium Brewing Co. It tastes like chocolate malt and delicious yeast. It will make you feel like a pirate and dance like an Irishman.

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All beers and largers have a slightly bitter taste. The area of the tounge that has the most receptors for bitter are at the back. Beer is therefore best enjoyed by glugging rather than sipping to give maximum coverage of the bitter receptors. Beer also tastes best at a temperature you enjoy, I like my beer really cold, even dark beers. Like many things beer is an aquired taste.

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If you don’t care for the bitterness of most beers, try a wheat beer.

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Shitty carbonated toilet water. PROBABLY. NEVER HAD IT. NEVER WANT TO. i think i have i once had a water bottle from the cooler when I was 10 from the fourth of july, I took a sip, thinking it was just water, but it tasted like what I said above, So I knew it had to be beer. Bad experience. My dad must have tried to sneak it to the place as water,

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