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Why do the Iraq troops love Obama so much more than Bush?

Asked by Halliburton_Shill (268points) April 7th, 2009

This article goes into detail about the overwhelming greeting, and hugging, American troops in Iraq gave Obama .

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I think everyone is tired of the war, including the troops themselves. Obama wants to bring everyone home as soon as he can, whereas Bush’s idea was to keep everyone out there until the job was finished, no matter what the cost.

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Perhaps they are excited to see a US President that can actually speak in complete sentences.

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Seems Bush wanted to keep them forever, regardless of whether “job was finished”.

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My husband is serving in Afghanistan with the Army right now, and he says that he’s noticed a gradual shift. Many of the soldiers are still very gung ho about the occupation, but as the months drag on, there are more and more of them that want to see an end to this. They’re not sure that they’re still making a positive influence, and Obama’s apparent willingness to look at the options instead of blindly marching on appeals to many of them.

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Maybe they feel he will actually send them home one day.

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Because they like intelligent people who talk good

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Because he’s getting them the fuck out of there.

or at least promises to

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Because they are Americans (well mostly) and Americans in general prefer Obama over Bush (that’s how he won the election and McCain didn’t). I know the logic there doesn’t quite work but work with me here people

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Because Obama has shown a willingness to actually support our troops with resources at home upon their return and not simply use rhetoric to make believe one supports the troops.

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This pretty much sums it up as far as I’m concerned. Obama is actually talking about getting our troops out of Iraq rather than leaving them there indefinitely.

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@Lightlyseared: Your logic makes perfect sense to me. :)

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I think you must be somewhat delusional-all he is going to do is substantially cut the defense budget, steal the money for other programs as Clinton did, it is the easiest way for him to cut the budget and try and prop the dollar. Than, he will try diplomatically, then inevitably as they always do, pay off our enemies, so they don’t cause any problems-whatever is expedient. The press who’s in bed with him, will always defend him, and always treat him as the anointed one, even while he is piss’in down the military’s back and small business and saying it is raining. Oh, yes, I forgot, this time is different.

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@hoopman: What about Obama’s proposed law to charge wounded soldiers for their treatment? Hardly sounds like he is willing to support the troops.

It’s likely they embrace Obama because he intends to end the war that they have been fighting for, for so long. We still don’t have a clear answer for why we are still over there, and I’d imagine it would be difficult to fight for something of which you have no idea what that something is.

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because he’ll probably get them out of there, instead of getting them killed

I think Obama is generally more popular in every respect. He was here in Europe recently and said things like “let’s work together to overcome the crisis”. The first thing Bush said when he became president was “US business interests come first, so fuck the planet”. (not the exact words, but that’s how it sounded to the rest of us)

I am not so sure anything will really change, or that Obama is the messiah some imagine him to be. But at least he has a nicer attitude, which I think is what the troops see in him. And let’s face it, anyone that the Iraqis hate less than Bush makes life on the ground better for the occupation forces.

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I would not trust “The Salon” as a source of objective journalism that would accurately report President Obama as more well-liked than President Bush. This is a reliably biased source.

Other polling has shown military skepticism about Obama:(

Nevertheless, it was nice to see President Obama visit the troops.

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As a Soldier, I don’t trust anything ANY politician says. Promises get votes but at the end of the day it comes down to what’s in their best interest, no one else’s.

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unfortunately too true

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perhaps because Obama isnt such an idiot?

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oh he is. Not even two years in the senate to President. Ya, that’s a great idea. Give a man with no experience the Presidency. Just because he looks charming, can talk about a freakin shoelace for the whole day, and comes across as a more genuine man means nothing about his policies. For all you who support him, you might as well pronounce your affiliation as a Radical, not a Liberal

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@mass_pike4 in case you didn’t notice, this is the bi/communist/vegetarian/atheist camp. You’ve got a better chance of rallying people here against hair-conditioners than against Obama. If anything, he’s seen as too conservative by most flutherers. I’m actually considered a right-wing religious zealot here, because I haven’t had sex with a man yet.

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Did someone say it is time to rise up against hair conditioner?! I’m In! That stuff never does what it says it will! Let’s stage a sit in at the place where they make Pantene!

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@jack79 lolol well said

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@mass_pike4 I saw your other question about bush, lolllllllllll. I am a big Obama supporter and I voted for him, and I think he is doing well.

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good for you

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@Jack79 I for one thing hair-conditioners are most evil.
Even when we have witnessed crazy, psychotic people like North Korea launch missile after missile, Obama actually wants to SHUT DOWN our missile defense system.
That’s not a bad idea considering that not too long ago North Korea claimed it would wipe the U.S.A off the map.
Well I’m glad we have a president that’s willing to risk innocent, American lives for the sake of his lets-all-just-hug-and-make-peace philosophy.
And hey, how about those military funding cuts, eh? Now more soldiers will be killed!
Hip hip hooray!
Oh! And how about those terrorists from Gitmo we released that have reportedly gone back to the Taliban to fight? Even more U.S. soldiers lives will be taken!
I mean, who likes those baby killing, women raping bastards anyways?
Hip hip hooray!

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Because they thought he was going to bring them home. But now they are just going to be shipped to Afghanistan. (which just for the record is what Obama campaigned on)—just my2cents

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I would imagine it has something to do with him taking the time to sit down with the top-brass & find out from them how to bring this whole escapade to an end. I’m sure they feel slightly better off knowing that considered thought was put into the plan this time.

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