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Will you help me in choosing between these two cell phones?

Asked by jlm11f (12378points) April 7th, 2009

I have the choice between getting the Nokia E71 or Nokia E75 phone. When you click on one link and then the next, it gives you the option to compare the two (on the bottom of the page) if that helps you choose. Also, the Nokia E71 is an older, tried and tested phone while the E75 is brand new.

I have looked at the comparison chart but am not sure how to analyze it. Both phones cover the basic features I need (Wifi, browsing) so the question really is which would be the better phone? Which one would you choose and most importantly, why?

Also, the choice is only between those 2 phones, so no I cannot get an iPhone/Gphone etc.

Any help in making this decision would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Well I don’t like the slidy out keyboard design of the E75. It has always struck me as a rather fidly way of adding a keaboard and I can see myself getting really anoyed with it.

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I would personally choose the E71 for the following reasons:

1. It has been out longer, so it will probably have less defects to deal with (it becomes a real hassle with a brand new phone to trade it in everytime they find a defect).
2. It doesn’t have the sliding keyboard. Almost every person I know who has a phone with a sliding keyboard has had trouble with it sticking or completely sliding off the phone after a couple months of use.
3. The E71 has an overall longer battery life (both talk time and stand-by). This is especially important if you use the phone for internet, texting, etc.
4. The E71 is overall a more appealing phone to me.

Remember though, these are my personal opinions, so choose based on what you like!

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E75 – Numbers are easier to see & operate, and if you use your phone for texting etc., you’ll appreciate the larger keyboard.

Also, I have a slide out keyboard, and have had it for 9 mos and have not had the problem mentioned above.

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The E71 has more talk-time: 10 h 30 min – compared to the E75, which has 5 h 20 min.

The E71 also has more internal memory: 110 MB – compared to the E75, which has 50 MB of internal memory. But the E75 comes with a microSD HC memory card that can hold 4GB of memory and the E71 doesn’t come with the micro SD memory card.

Personally, I would probably choose the E71 because it’s more visually appealing, has the longest talk-time, has the exact same browsing features (which is one of the main specifications you listed). The E75 has a little more email and messaging features, but that’s not the same as browsing and so wouldn’t matter to me.

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I can’t offer any first hand opinions on the E75 (thought it wasn’t out till the 10th to be honest, so I haven’t used it).

As far as the E71 is concerned, @DrasticDreamer is fairly spot on, the E71 does have a decent talktime for a Symbian based Nokia phone, although you could probably take a few hours off the quoted times, as with any phone, but you would most certainly be able to use it fairly solidly for the day and not have any problems.

If the browser is really important, you’re not going to get anything out of the E75 that you wouldn’t with the E71. The E71 has a decent 2.36 inch screen (although smaller than its predecessors), and the browser is full screen, and also deals in landscape. It also has 128MD of RAM, and full support for Flash and Java. Can’t go too far wrong there. The E75 is only going to equal that, no way will it beat it in any way that’ll really matter.

If I was forced to give out about something in the E71 it would be the camera. I don’t know if that’s going to be important or not!! The camera is relatively poor compared to other phones in its class, and the video maxes out at 15fps QVGA. Having said that, I don’t see any evidence to say that the E75 will improve on that, although the Video is VGA, not QVGA.

To be honest, if the camera, and/or video are important, I’d go with the E75, however, if these are not the deal breaker, I’d most certainly go with the E71 without hesitation. I’ve played with one fairly extensively and do like it.

If you want to get some more opinions or specs, I think you’d be better off looking at the following links to get a fairly honest opinion, not Nokia’s own opinion. I use these all the time…

You can get a great comparison on features of both phones here.
The E71 with user comments here.
E75 with comments here.
And, a fairly detailed review of the E71 here.

Hope this helps.

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One more Q: For WLAN, E71 has Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g while E75 has Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, UPnP technology. Is the UPnP technology (whatever it is) a big deal?

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It does have the newer symbian operating system (the E75) which features the newer and improved wifi connectivity dialogs. Makes browsing and selecting acces point easier and better.

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…and it sems you have N-Gage on the E75 now, which is a biggie if you’re into games on your device.

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