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How can I un-scratch a dvd? Without a fancy device?

Asked by andrew (16358points) November 29th, 2006
Mistreated an xbox 360 game and now it won't read. I used to have a doo-dad that buffed dvds but I lost it. What can I do?
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take it to a shop that sells or rents movies and games discs %u2014 especially one that does second hand stuff; they have a buffer wheel that polishes off the scratch, filling in the scratch so the disc can be read without the error, or (b) fill in the scratch yourself. There are various ways to do this %u2014 I have heard of toothpaste being rubbed in and then rubbed off. More popular are products that contain some form of water repellant %u2014 especially silicone, such as %u2018Rain-X%u2019 (for car windshields), and Pledge Furniture Polish.
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Ah... thank you!
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I've heard you can fix a scratched cd by going over the whole cd with a yellow highlighter and then wiping it off. You might want to try this on a crappy cd before trying it on one that is important.
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The yellow highlighter trick has worked for me. I definitely recommend it

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