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PBS Series Frontline: Objective journalism or biased?

Asked by avalmez (1606points) April 7th, 2009

i really like the Frontline series but i am often frustrated by what imho is a bias in its perspective. What is an example of a Frontline episode that you either totally agreed with or felt was way off base?

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I love the show and pretty much agree with it. I know a guy who works on the show from

I have pointed him to this question. Maybe he can provide some insight into how the show works.

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I think it’s a wonderful show!
VERY well researched, very well thought out, well connected in the upper echelons of power brokers, (which should make one wonder about the angle of their bias right)?

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@johnpowell woud be great to hear from that guy you know…i just have sensed a very anti-bush anti-texas anything from the show…my own bias at work perhaps…let’s hope your guy chimes in!

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Per wikipedia: “Jon Palfreman, producer of the show, posted a rebuttal to these and other accusations of bias on Frontline’s website, including multiple instances where items cited as evidence of bias were not actually present in the program.”

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let them speak directly for themselves..i think the show is quite biased.

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I don’t trust any show that skirts 9/11 truth or other hidden agendas. (Their episode modeling the tower collapse left the core standing.) I never thought I’d say this, but I’ve come to think Charlie Rose is full of shit in that regard as well.

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Link. Skip ahead to 1:40 and watch about 50 seconds worth.

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This is totally unrelated to the question, but you can link to a specific point in a youtube clip like this.

In this case I added #t=1m40s to the end of your url to jump 1 minute and 40 seconds into the clip.

I like frontline and I’m always impressed by the thoroughness of every episode I’ve watched.

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@phoenyx, sweet. Thanks for the tip!

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Consistently one of the most insightful and well researched news programs you’ll find on U.S. TV. As far as favorites, there’s one from June 2005 called Private Warriars that looks into Iraq War contractors and one from 2007 called The Dark Side focused on Dick Cheney. Both of these were actually very late relative to when they should have been broadcast (2003 & 2004), but very thorough and far from biased as a result.

2005 in general was a great year for Frontline, just a year late on the Cheney White House, including pieces on Karl Rove, torture, and Saudi Arabia power. And last but not least The Last Abortion Clinic.

Earlier ones of interest 2001: Merchants of Cool, 2004: The Persuaders.

Everything is on their site and can be watched and searched.

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I think Frontline is great investigative journalism, they often focus on things that are unjust, atrocious, or illegal.

And when you have a president , who, for 8 years, broke thousands of laws, destroyed millions of lives, conspired with businessmen involved in destroying the planet, killing, torturing, imprisoning innocent people, siphoning public money towards themselves, etc, well what you get is the need to report on all that. That’s not a liberal bias… that’s just reporting on issues proportionate to their magnitude or where they come from.

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@Kraigmo – Do you have any proof of this?

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