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What is the most personally vulnerable experience you have had with the Internet?

Asked by knischol (37points) April 8th, 2009
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Being monitored by my own government!

@knischol welcome to the jelly pond

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Having my phone number tracked down via my ip and isp and being called randomly.

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Someone, somehow, stole or compromised my credit card number that I had used in the past to make online purchases. They proceeded to make a 600 dollar purchase of their own using that same credit card number. Very irritating and frustrating to say the least.

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Someone stole my credit card number and used it on purchases. Up until then I used Internet Explorer which, supposedly, is a high risk program used by hackers to steal credit card numbers.

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Ooooh, the credit card thing is horrible.

Someone got my email address from somewhere & kept sending me mails that would have taken me to porn sites. The subject lines were nasty enough for me to know NOT to open them. I put them in my block filter, & they FINALLY stopped.

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We had a credit card stolen online, it sucked.

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I opened a Facebook account…with my real name and picture.

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@ru2bz46: same
I had decided to go off-grid as much as possible and had started deleting all kinds of old accts. & stuff but Facebook friends seduced me. I still chickened out though and pulled some photos.

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I felt most vulnerable when I get “flirty” PM’s here or on other sites like this. I try to make it clear that I am happily married, and no one has ever been totally inappropriate, but I have felt a bit uncomfortable a time or two.
Also had someone who was totally off their meds calling me every name in the book by PM on assville once. That was scary.

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@VzzBzz Don’t you find it hard to post something that is OK for all audiences? I mean, you might put out a simple statement or photo that is fine for almost everybody, then you think, “Oh, crap! What if so-and-so sees that?”

Hey @Judi! You and me, babe. How ‘bout it? ;-)

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@ru2bz46: Yes and that’s why I don’t really use the features of Facebook and why I chose the setting of only friends can see my friends list, no friends of friends. I think I’ll delete that acct. anyways though now that I found MIA’s.

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@ru2bz46 ;
At least it’s not a serious PM!

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@Judi Who says? ;-) lol OK, I’m done.

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someone in my high school class created an analogous email id that sounded quite like mine and sent crazy emails to the entire class group. clearly that person didnt love me

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Impersonation with the intent of being offensive to others.

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some one from a site wrote me at my personal email address and said “I found you!” fucking creep

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