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Why Can't I Download Songs from ITunes to my External Hard Drive?

Asked by rhetorician (108points) April 8th, 2009

I have my music collection stored on an external hard drive. Recently, out of the blue, ITunes has declared that I do not have permission to download songs to that drive. This happens both when purchasing from ITunes and when importing CDs. Now I have to save them directly to my Mac, then move them to the external drive. This creates a heck of a lot of unnecessary work. I am able to copy, save, etc. from the Mac to the external drive, just not import songs directly onto the drive (even when I indicate the drive as the location of my music library). Any ideas?

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Itunes is evil.

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i had the same problem. what you have do is download the itunes softwareagain to your harde drive from the internet. it is free. from this point you will be able to download directly to your hard drive. the only catch is that you have to re – populate your library once switched to your hard drive.

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The issue was with permissions. Problem was resolved with the following help article:

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