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Could someone take over your account and no one would notice?

Asked by wundayatta (58625points) April 8th, 2009

And, in general, if someone took over another person’s account, do you think we’d notice?

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It depends on whether they too have a smart-ass attitude.

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If @Jayne really wanted to, he could probably do a pretty convincing Harp impersonation. He’s had plenty of opportunity to assimilate my mannerisms. He’d totally have to stay away from the baking Q’s, though.

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Only MIlo could capture my sui generis style.

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I think if someone tried, at least asmonet would think things were a little off. I’d like to think other people would know too. :)

@gailcalled: But he would never be as charming as you!

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I don’t think anyone could be you, daloon, or dalepetrie or astrochuck. Or Jeruba or Gail or actually any of us. I think we all bring so much of who we are and our style to our posts. (Maybe Jayne could do Harp, but he has an in.)

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Probably not.. If anyone could it would be Allie. I had a second account for a while and it took about two comments for PnL to recognize me. And I was trying to change my style with that account.

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Here is another thought….apparently there are/have been “Snoopys” on other sites.

Unless the person says “I came from/am also on site X” do you presume they are the same person?

Note to self….in the future, don’t pick a common/popular name as a moniker….

For the record, I am NOT, nor have I ever been, Snoopy on any other site….

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@KatawaGrey: He already writes half my material anyway, and doesnt’t even bill me.

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Gail, is that you purring?

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Stay away from the baking questions? What are you talking about? I bake a mean Ramen cake!

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@Harp: Did Jayne write that?
@Jayne: Did Harp write that?

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@gailcalled: So when he starts billing you, how will we know?

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I’ll release the info if Milo lets me.

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Ew, where’d this hairball come from?!

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I don’t think he could have forced himself to type the words “Ramen cake” if he tried.

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@Jayne: Are you referring to Milo or Harp?

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Probably both Milo and Harp would gag at the concept.

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Milo typing?

Gail purring?

Jayne baking?

Harp writing short answers?

I don’t know who anyone is around here any more!

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I don’t know. What do you think? My wife probably could, but she’d probably be a bit more of smart ass.

I think I’d only be able to tell the difference for a few users. I must admit I can be oblivious.

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@tinyfaery: If I ever suspected that you were not you, I’d ask a Buffy question to smoke the intruder out!

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@katawa That would do it.

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Someone could easily take over my account, cause I’m relatively new and no one here really knows me or how I would answer, so it would be easy to do and go unnoticed if it did happen. Buster might would know but he would be the only person.

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I have the same grammar problems in all my posts, so it could be easy to mimick that part. My answers though? I’m not sure. My views on things vary a lot, and my husband is the only one that really knows that much about me. He types quite differently than me, and I personally think I’m much better with words.
I’m still pretty new though, so people might not notice.

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(Dear sweet Elijahsuicide; Remember the way to spell “definitely”. xox)—

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I would hope someone would notice if I got fluther-jacked, but I’m still kind of new myself so no one really knows me yet. Unless the spelling/ grammar and writing patterns are way different, how could anyone know?
@gailcalled I’m working on it! I would like to point out some spelling mistakes are due to my iPhone auto correcting, but yeah I’m not the best speller. I’m ashamed.

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When I was Rancid, I really tried to write differently from daloon, but I kept finding questions that required daloon-like responses, and I so wanted to reply to them, that I couldn’t even be not-myself. I knew I was doing this at the time (being like daloon). I figured if I gave short answers and refrained from funny answers, I might get away with it. As it was, at least two people figured it out.

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@daloon: That’s because you are so unique! No one could be you and you could never not be you. Besides, how long can you go without your wonderful ass cheeks flapping in the breeze?

@gailcalled: Would Milo be as concerned about grammar and spelling? Some of your reactions are both instructive and comical when it comes to atrocious grammar.

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People used to interacting online with me (several know me IRL), they’d notice quickly because they know too much ;p

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I think we should all get new accounts one day and try to figure out who is who…that could be interesting…

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@EmpressPixie would KNOW it wasn’t me in a heartbeat.

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If they were smart enough and didn’t sound like an idiot then maybe.

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@kraken would know whether it’s me or not, as would @hyperlilredhead and I also have a code word with @jellyb. Other than that, I do not think I am unique or special enough for anyone to take any notice, unless the person who took over my account was obnoxious, racist and smelled bad. Then you’d know it wasn’t me.


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I’ve been using AstroChuck’s account for weeks now, and no one’s been the wiser.

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@AstroChuck He’s been asking much smarter questions of late.

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I don’t think anyone would notice if my name was hijacked. I’m still too new, too.

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@Zen- What the hell did you mean by that?
I mean…ahem…uh, yeah.
Stupid AstroChuck.

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No one can take over my account. I have a nice password and I am too individualized that any knockoffs would be impossible for someone to make.

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@Kraken And your unique knack for expressing your humily and modesty is breathtaking, as always.

You da best, Kev. Missed ya!

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Oh, someone would notice! Trust me! Someone here would know you well enough to see that something…isn’t quite right.

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@Kraken BUT a person could make an account with your avatar and something similar to your user name! We did that on…most of it in fun, take another persons avatar and post silly comments and questions….. but unfortunately some people did it to attack others “anonymously”....

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@VzzBzz Remember when Jake took a look a like account of yours and was posting all that trash?? We would have shot him if we coulda.

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@Dutchess12 See Jake anywhere, dear? Shot him.

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@Zen I think he got banned ASAP!!!! YAY!

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I think Halliburton did too, eh?!

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@Dutchess12 Yay, why?

(That sounds like God- Yahweh?)

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@Zen I was glad to see Shell banned…he deserved it! Yahweh even said so!!

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lol @Dutchess12 Shell is never permanently banned, he just fades and comes back as someone else. That’s the beauty of the mon.

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@Zen BUT…they’ll catch him soon enough! You know, if he really wants to stay, maybe he’ll clean up his act, because he can be fun to talk to.

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He’s great, eh @Dutchess12 – just can’t stop swearing. He thinks out loud with his fingers, and writes every thought in his head. Good for wis; bad for fluth.

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@zen yeah, I sure don’t miss that crap on!! You know who’d really suffer here? KillWill! ONLY 3 QUESTIONS EVERY 6 HOURS??? LOL!!

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@Dutchess12 LOL about KIllWill. But the way to go about it is: Live here. That way, every few hours you can add a question. It’s what I’ve been doing. Look: 3000 points in about 16 days, lol!

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@Zen I wish I could live here! It’s like the of old that we fell so madly in love with! But…me works now. :(

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No one could copy my bizarreness, Hell, half the time, people on here don’t get me. That’s okay, though. Half the time people in real life don’t get me either. Sometimes, I don’t get what it is I’m trying to do, except I am having fun.

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^ whoa! that’s just too freaky for words!

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I could do bob.

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I saw this posted a year and a half ago and just drifted across it again. I never answered it at the time, but this is what I’d have said then and still say now: yes, probably. I think few of us are really as distinctly expressive and loaded with recognizable personality and style as we think we are. Even biographical details might not be a giveaway because a lot of people’s stories have points in common.

I’ll bet I could swap accounts with almost anyone on here, and people might know we didn’t sound like ourselves, but they wouldn’t know who we did sound like.

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