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What was the most memorable and positive interaction you have ever had with a stranger online?

Asked by mushisquishi (61points) April 8th, 2009
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Probably the initial 2 years of my relationship with my significant other. We met online randomly in 2001 and talked for two years before we actually met each other. We’d spend hours up late, online just talking about anything and everything. Its funny ‘cause the reason we first started talking anyway was because we both happened to like Grunge, he told me he had done a profile search on AOL for people who shared his interest and I was the only one online…so he figured “What the hell?” Have to say, I would definitely consider it a memorable and positive interaction with a stranger online, especially since given we’ve been together ever since :)

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I met this girl when I first went online many years ago. We chatted for ages, then met once. It was nice, but I was moving far away, so nothing more happened (there was always some light flirting, but our chat was generally just friendly). We kept in touch for years via emails, messages, even letters. In 2003 we went on a date, had a nice meal and eventually kissed (just that). Once again I had to leave, so it didn’t move from there. We went back to being penpals and still communicate regularly, though we both sometimes wonder how it could have been.

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I made friends with this guy on an old site. We used to talk about girls, drugs, college, a certain redheaded girl, etc. Whenever we get bored talking, we would go on a trolling spree on different chatrooms. But probably the biggest fun we ever had from trolling chatrooms was pretending to be FBI agents posing as underage girls, like on “To Catch a Predator”. Then he got more busy, and I started hanging out with more people and going to concerts, so we rarely see each other now.

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