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What do you think about the new time travel storyline on Lost?

Asked by veronasgirl (1765points) April 8th, 2009

As an avid Lost fan, I am curious to hear other fan theories on what they think is going on with the show. Who is Richard Alpert really? What are Ben’s true motives? Is the island good or evil? Does everyone really have a “destiny”?

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I think the plot is just way too much, what, the sci-fi channel took over the series or what??? a plane crashed in an island, and they are lost, that’s it, if they come now with some kind of “cocoon” switch of the story, i’m gonna puke…

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Jesus, what season are you in? People have been saying all that for years.

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Uh, hello… ever heard of the word “SPOILER?” Some of us are still only watching the first season…

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