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Do you ever feel stupid during sex?

Asked by punkrockworld (960points) April 8th, 2009

Do you feel funny having to moan and all of that?

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I feel stupid during class all the time. But during sex I feel like a fucking genius.

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Sometimes, when I know my roommates are in the suite, I do feel silly. I try to be very quiet. Mostly I feel weird when I say my boyfriend’s name because, while he has a perfectly lovely name, it doesn’t roll of the tongue. Most of the time, I feel pretty damn awesome so some of the awkwardness is all right.

@nikipedia: Hahaha, I get it!

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“Having to moan”? lol, it’s an involuntary reaction (to me at least)
But no, I never feel stupid, thanks to my babe :)

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No. I feel like a pimp. I’m always in the zone when it comes to sex.

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@Facade: You are always so cute about your boy!

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No. Just the need to apologize.

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Well other than the time I fell out of the trapeze and landed upside down on my head, no, I never feel stupid during sex.

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Nah, I never feel stupid about having to do something like moan. Moaning is fun, it’s a turn on.

I sometimes feel stupid about my stubbly legs, having to pee in the middle, being bad at putting a condom on him, falling off the bed, the list goes on.

But sex is kinda a weird thing anyway, and if it wasn’t a little awkward at times, it would take away part of it’s charm. :)

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@KatawaGrey It’s because I love him soooo much!

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Being, ahem, a guy, I don’t moan… except on the rare occasion that a woman will make me moan… in which case I won’t feel stupid, but rather, quite lucky.

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I never feel like I have to moan. I moan, because something is really good. I’m lucky, he’s very good…I moan…alot.

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Sex can be so awkward. I love that part though.
I think I may have felt silly at some point, not ever anymore with my husband.
The first time we ever had sex was quite humorous, he loves to remind me of it, and I get so embarassed! lol

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Doesn’t bother me one bit. If it does you may be a bit too self conscious to fully enjoy yourself.

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oh and you don’t have to moan, moaning shouldn’t be voluntary. it just happens. go with the flow and enjoy it more, maybe you’ll feel less stupid. confidence is key.

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Stupid? Never. Happy? Yes!!! Oh Yes!!!

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Only when we broke the bed. On one side only, so we nearly rolled right onto the floor.

Edited to add: Others have it right… moaning shouldn’t be something you have to do, but a natural byproduct of your enjoyment. It may just be a matter of your age, too. I remember when I was younger I felt awkward during sex on occasion.

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@augustlan I’ve always wished that would happen to me…

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Do I ever feel stupid during sex? Sure, and sometimes Stupid feels me back…
Sorry, couldn’t resist.

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@filmfann This is your wife: I am letting you play on fluther for exactly 15 minutes more, be nice!

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@augustlan – We only broke a lamp, we’re beginners compared to you! ;~P

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I feel funny when I have to make the sound effects for the other person that I am copulating with. The whole lack of participation on their part can be a real downer sometimes.

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Sex shouldn’t be about feeling or acting like a porn star.
When you’re younger, especially, sex should be something that you can have fun with. You should be able to laugh together at things not being smooth, be playful about it. As you get more comfortable, you learn to get more in to it.

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Only if I’m stoned.

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I try not to think too much during sex, otherwise I’m not focused on the stimulation, and I’m not fully experiencing the best parts.

And moaning means something is right. I’ve always been told that it’s sexy when I moan.

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only when we’re drunk, in a bathroom of a club in a foreign country with someone i just met

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I know where you coming from, sometimes i do feel a little stupid but at the end of the day its down to whether you feel comfortable with the person your doing it with.
When your doing it with the right person you really wont care about the noises your making

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There’s been twice that I’ve felt stupid, yeah. And I’m not ABOUT to tell what happened.

Someone HAVING to moan? Why would you HAVE to? If it comes naturally, that’s good. That’s a sign that I’m fully into it for me. But no one should HAVE to do anything.

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@delirium: I agree the part about sex shouldn’t be an imitation of porn. Moaning and response should during sex should be a genuine felt reaction to share, in my opinion. I personally would feel stupid to pretend to have a near orgasm by having a load of spooge on my face, bulging my eyes to stay open and wriggling my tongue out like I’m having a fit.

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Only when im on top 8D I dont know how to be on top sigh but i do try!!!!

Oh, and as far as moaning, its almost involuntary for me O_o It doesnt make me feel stupid, it heightens the pleasure!

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@Glow “Only when im on top 8D I dont know how to be on top sigh but i do try!!!!”

Don’t worry, honey. You’ll get it. Practice makes perfect. Have fun learning. ;-)

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@Glow i also dnt really like being on top, i just dnt know how to be sexy and do what im supposed to do!
Its fun to try tho :) x

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If you “have” to moan, someone isn’t doing something right. And if “all that” involves balloon animals or gardening tools then yeah, I understand how that would make one feel stupid. If “all that” were you taking charge and making someone sweat… you would feel like a god or goddess.

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Sometimes things don’t go as smoothly as you hope but you can’t dwell on it. Just laugh it off and keep going. If you THINK it’s feelings a little awkward your partner will pick up on that. And it’ll discourage you both the next time sextime comes around. So just brush it off and move on. As far as moaning…you don’t have to if you’re uncomfortable with it. But I love it. It turns me on and enhances my experience.

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For the longest time, even when sex acts felt great, I didn’t need to moan. One day with the help of one of my ex’s I found my orgasm and during that part of sex, the noise (moan/screaming) came all on it’s own. Then I found later, sometimes, if you’re on the edge of coming, fake it and you will come!

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