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Have you ever been saved by the bell?

Asked by Zen (7748points) April 9th, 2009

You know what I mean, either literally (teachers, judges, the like) or figuratively.

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Nope, I got expelled from high school, then I got expelled college. I’ve got a degree now though, proved those fuckers wrong!

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I had a history teacher who got a slight lisp and when talking he was always dissolving a little spittle. Sometimes he got very close, especially when he was angry. It was like taking a shower. I think at the time I didn’t really worry about germs. Geez, we were all hoping to be saved by the bell.

(on a side note, maybe he was doing us a favor boosting our immune system, thank you Herr Stolzheimer for sharing your cute little germs with us ;-)

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Psychiatric nursing, in england, I’m looking at doing a masters now

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@allen_o Impressive. Really.

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What do you do zen?

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Teach ESL, and raise my kids. And collect pikachu dolls.

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What’s ESL? Pikachu is a hero!

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ESL is like this: Say you like pikachu, and to learn English as a second language. I would suggest you look for words that rhyme with Pikachu, as a start.

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In case that didn’t really spell it out, ESL is English as a Second Language.

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TESL is Teaching…, TEFL, the same but as a foreign language. (Pretty much the same, methinks.)

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Sweet, sounds fun

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Come join us in the reef.

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I was driving one time got and got pulled over. I had some real stanky herb in my car. The cop smelled it. He got me out of the car sat me on the curb and started to look through my car. He did not get very far into his search before he his radio started blowing up about a shooting or something a lot worse than what I was doing. He told me to be safe and got on his car and left.

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Last night my friend asked me if I ignored a letter her boyfriend sent me, and I said “uh….noyers” and before she could say “what?” her boyfriend called and she left the room. I still had to talk to her about it later though :(

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