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Women; what makes you feel super sexy?

Asked by funky_princess (323points) April 9th, 2009
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how come no one has answered this?

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When my boyfriend tells me I’m sexy today.

Or normally for me, when I go out and buy a new outfit or something new and get to show it off. I feel better about myself and it makes me smile. + I’ve been told smiles can be the sexiest thing about someone (:

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The little comments guys make, especially when I’m getting down to business. If they are acting like they can’t get enough of me, like they’re overwhelmed just because I’m there and paying attention to them, I feel unstoppable and incredibly sexy.

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At the moment, my boy :)

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My wife tells me she feels sexy when she feels tiny. Girls are always worried about being too big or too fat. It really gets her fired up especially when I pick her up carry her around like she weighs nothing.

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Does sexy mean attractive, or is there something more to it?

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yeah attractive to opposite sex.

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When I wear killer underwear…

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I don’t know what you mean…

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Tight clothes ;)

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When I catch my husband looking at me and smiling. When we just smile at each other. A great pair of heels. Wearing one of my husband’s shirts, with my sleep shorts – I just like it.

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When I’m all clean shaven, which does not happen that often. That and when my honey gives me that certain look.

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Keepin’ it in the family?
Can you be sexy without your boyfriend?
She’s a spinner. :)
as a man with a penis, killer underwear? Mommy!
mmm..things are looking up on the thread

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It’s sad, but usually the attention of someone else. Sometimes it happens on my own, just walking down the street, listening to music.
But generally, getting told it in some way or another, or getting thrown down…
I feel sexy after I exercise, too.

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Today on my run when I took my shirt off and was wearing just my sports bra. The best part was I was completely alone, so I felt sexy and free just for me.

Then I passed a dad and his two kids and felt really weird. Then they started following me. I put my shirt on, which was good because then I started passing a lot more families.

It was nice while it lasted.

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It’s nice when my man tells me I look sexy but that’s almost expected now. Of course he has to say that! So what really makes me feel good is when I catch a random guy glancing at me with a smirk or someone I don’t know makes a comment about my looks. It’s nice to be noticed once in awhile. As long as it doesn’t go too far.

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@ItalianPrincess1217 Well, I’ve been digging your avatar for a couple days now. Wish I could see more. Hope that helps. ;-)

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@daloon Thanks for the self confidence booster! Made my day a little brighter.

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@ItalianPrincess1217 I think you might have an admirer! :)

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@lynneblundell I was thinking the same thing! ;)

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Daloon is lovely! It’s quite a compliment!

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Awww [ducks head and shuffles feet nervously]

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losing 21 pounds

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Being naked save for a particular pair of shoes

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losing 28 pounds!! :-D

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