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What is something you would add to the Constitution?

Asked by Jiminez (1248points) April 9th, 2009

Personally, I would add the right to pass laws by initiative.

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There shall be seperation of Companies and State just as seperation of Church and State.

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and what seVen said! omg, what seVen said.

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equal rights amendment

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@squirbel Ar yooz tellin meez dat you don’t does that on caturday? is thursdayz.

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The right to privacy, explicitly stated.

The explicitly-stated power of Congress to pass laws to support any of the purposes of government enumerated in the Preamble.

Strict separation of corporation and state, or the extension of the “thou shalt not” rights from the Bill of Rights to any corporations. (For instance: if the government can’t search your possessions without a court order, BigCorp Inc. can’t search your possessions without a court order, either.)

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First, end corporate personhood

then, stop the government process of giving out marriage licenses. People can get their tax benefits or whatever from the government but if you want any of that religious stuff you go to a church. That way, everybody can have equal rights, no churches have to marry anyone they don’t want too, and everybody is happy

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@SeventhSense Don’t pretend to be an upstanding and loyal patriot. Not adding anything is ridiculous. This government is a train wreck. You wouldn’t even add the right to vote, for instance?

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He’s not pretending?

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You’re asking me?

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First, end corporate personhood
This is not part of the constitution.
This government is not a train wreck due to the Constitution.
In fact I don’t think this administration is any more of train wreck than the last half dozen
The constitution is perfect. What else does it need? In addition it has amendments for everything necessary for a perfect union. Be specific about what and how you propose to change it.
The constitution is an interpretive document.

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@SeventhSense – As I understand it, Jiminez is saying we don’t have the right to vote here in America.

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As a non citizen?

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@SeventhSense – Not really sure. He seems to imply that there is no right to vote.
Maybe we’ve been doing it wrong all these years?

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@yous guys Nevermind on that voting bit. I was under the impression it wasn’t explicitly detailed in the Constitution. But yeah, there is probably a hundred things I would add to the Constitution. You don’t think we should have the right to vote on initiatives on the national level? We don’t have that right currently.

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@Jiminez – No, I don’t. I think the ballot initiative process is incredibly wrong and only seems to cause problems in California. The majority of the voting public in the country is barely able to grasp the issues debated between the presidential and congressional candidates. Most don’t pay any attention to the issues raised by local candidates at all and simply vote along party lines or for the person whose name they heard more frequently.

Do we really want our national issues to be decided by people who aren’t paying attention? I know that I wouldn’t.

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Valid concerns but I don’t think it’s necessary to change the constitution to do some of these things. I don’t think it’s a good idea to have a direct voting involvement in every issue. It would be highly disruptive to the process and would more than likely create chaos. As far as shifting the balance back to the states again, I’m all for that. A direct democracy sounds nice but we hire skilled representation for a reason.
On a lighter note we could learn a few things from Congress on Fluther. For example, using Robert’s rules of order. Of course I’m being facetious…kind of…

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@fireside Thanks for the not-at-all-depressing sentiments. National ballot initiatives are only my prime focus in life. You use California as an example, but the Supreme Court exists for a reason and it should overturn the ruling, as minority rights are universal and inalienable. What about in Massachusetts where citizens have overridden their representatives and legalized medical marijuana? Do you support that policy?

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@Jiminez – Sorry to dis your primary focus in life : )

Maybe you will be the one to find a way to break through the mess that ballot initiatives currently seem to be. I think that medical marijuana is a decent example of the way that federal laws may change based on popular opinion, but it is also rife with problems the way it is being handled.

Federal agents can still come in and claim that the state laws do not override federal ones and that causes a lot of people to end up in jail for this non-violent crime. That wastes a lot of taxpayer money by clogging up the courts.

I think the problem of educating the public about the current system of government is more vital to changing things on a federal level. The other big roadblock is special interest money that can fund opposition campaigns and influence politicians.

So, I hope that wasn’t more bad news…

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Every single American should be a mandatory, posthumous organ donor.

Instead of voting for our candidates we will have them fight to the death, Texas cage match style.

Supreme Court Justices will now be chosen from a pool of the brightest legal minds in our country. We will place the top twenty in a police style lineup and let an intoxicated chimpanzee fire a paint ball gun at them. The first nine to get hit are in. We refresh every twelve years.

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