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Have you ever cried "wolf"?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) April 9th, 2009

This is related to my I told you so question. In that question I asked about reactions to a person who warns of a danger, but the danger is so unusual that no one believes the warning.

I want to ask about the reverse of this, now. When you warn of something that is dangerous, but is not about to happen, just so you can see people jump. Then, when you do it too often, you lose your credibility. Then it really happens, and you warn, and no one believes you.

Have you ever done that? What happened?

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Good one! I think everyone has from time to time. It made me think of my summers lifeguarding…

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Do people actually cry “Wolf!”? Or do they say “a wolf might be there”?

If someone is going around crying “Wolf!”, then there is something VERY wrong with them.

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@Mr_M: It’s a metaphor, dude. Try to keep up! ;-)

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I was answering in metaphor, you ass! :)

I meant “Are people actually saying “Fire!” or are they saying “This could cause a fire”? Are people saying “Something bad IS there!” or “Something bad might happen”?

I don’t think people ARE yelling Wolf! or Fire! or “I’m dying!” unless there is something wrong with them.

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No need for name-calling, good people.

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@Mr_M Hey!!! Don’t besmirch that ass!!! ;-)

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Not that I can think of. However, I was the wolf.

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Only when my granddaughter, Little Red Riding Hood, came to visit and tried to eat me! :-)

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i once yelled movie in a crowed firehouse.

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No, I’ve never cried ‘wolf’. I’ve cried ‘sheep’ a few times but that story will remain untold. For obvious reasons.

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I don’t know if this qualifies, but once my parents and sister and I were at a stoplight, and I yelled, “It’s green, Dad!” when light hadn’t turned yet, just to see what he’d do. My mom turned around and gave me all Hell. She said if he had run the light we would all be dead and it would be all my fault. I was probably 7 when that happened. I’m 28 now, and I’ve felt bad about it all these years.

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No, I usually yell wolf at the top of my lungs and then run like a crazy man.

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I cried Elephant once.

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Some friends and I once had fun in a strip club. We were young (I was in the Navy at the time) and we found (requisitioned) an FM mike that worked through the club’s address system. It was fun to grab it and say “Attention: There is a very angry lady here looking for her husband” and see how many guys got up and bolted to the men’s room or the rear exit. There were ALWAYS a few.

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