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When choosing what you like in art, which would you prefer? Photo realistic or expressionist and why?

Asked by FGS (1927points) April 9th, 2009

I paint both and people that see my work like both styles, I’m curious as to your reasons.

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I like both, but there’s something about truly photo realistic paintings that floor me.

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Generally I go for realism, but it depends on the art.

Care to link to any pictures of your work?

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@Likeradar I’m not too sure how to do that here.

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@FGS the only way I would know how is to put your work up on photobucket or something, then copy and paste the link. There’s probably an easier way though.

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@Likeradar I think I have some stuff on photobucket. I will post it if I can.

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@Likeradar Which is the best method to post the link?

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@FGS – go here to learn how to link

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I’m more likely to go with expressionism. I think that photo-realists have a harder time. They have to base their work on a real photo, and that constrains them, I think. With expression, you can take an image anywhere you want. You can bend things to express your ideas.

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@FGS wow! You are very talented!

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I myself like a crisp, clean aesthetic that is clearly a representation of some real object; but if that representation is altered and manipulated, all the better- Escher or Dali, for example.

Incidentally, that painting of yours is awesome, FGS. Props!

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Photorealism, as a style, doesn’t do much for me beyond a showy kind of craftsmanship. I’d rather see something expressive, something beyond words that the camera or the eye can’t capture.

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I generally prefer realistic depections of scenes and such, but I also enjoy the multi color expressionism.

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@FGS I think that is beautiful! (in response to the link you posted).

I personally like both forms of art. It really just depends on the piece itself and I will go to see all of it. I just enjoy whatever speaks to me. The picture on your link definitely speaks to me :)

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Are those the only two choices? Aren’t they pretty widely separated? How about all of what’s in between? Or am I not understanding your terms correctly?

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Between the two styles, I prefer expressionism. It gives my brain and my eyes more of a “workout,” as it were.

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I enjoy both styles of painting. I appreciate Photorealism because it is completely mind-blowing to me how some artists, like Chuck Close for example, can recreate images so accurately by hand that it questions the audience’s ability to discern how it was created. On the other hand, Expressionism reduces the constraint on the artist as far as following the rules like accurate proportion and appropriate palette choice. Emotion is given a change to become apparent in the works, and that allows the viewer to experience something on a more personal level.

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@FGS liked your picture/art on photobucket. You seem to be a real good artist. Especially, the goggle on the picture is extra-ordinary.

Realistic art is what I like, but sometimes I like others also.

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I like both, but if it is photo realistic, I like it to have an expressionistic side to it. So I guess you could say I’m more of a fan of the expressionistic. It gives more insight into the artist of course, and I like getting to know people better, so I guess that’s why I like it more and am drawn to that style of art more.

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