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Ive lost my voice, How can I get it back asap?

Asked by Lothloriengaladriel (1550points) April 9th, 2009

So I lost my voice about 2 hours ago, Ive had a small cold since yesterday, I woke up today feeling a little bit better, Went on with my day, Then all of a sudden this evening as I was talking to my friend it just slowly went away.. Now Its basically gone..I need it back by tomorrow because all I do at work is talk (phone & radio) and I need my voice, What can i do to speed up the process?


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Bring water to a boil, steep slices of fresh cut lemon and lots of honey in it. Cool enough to drink then drink and repeat. Seriously it’s my favorite remedy for sore throats/colds/etc.

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Avoid all unnecessary conversation. You need to rest it to help the inflammation heal.

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Try not to whisper, either! Nothing, pad of paper and a pen! Dry erase board- no voice, though! Gargle with warm salt water. Drink warm tea with honey. Plenty of fluids and rest! Feel better. :)

I’m fighting the same – I always lose my voice. Very annoying!

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Thanks everyone, I’ll try all of these (:

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Lemon water, rest your voice, tea and warm salt water as everyone has said.
A note about whispering, it can make it worse. Depending on how you personally whisper, you can force a lot of air through your throat more aggressively than you would while speaking normally.

Talking at the movies whispering is fine, stage whispers are not.

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I was always told to shut up until my voice returned, so here is a good place to hang.

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@Zen yea, my voice didn’t return in time, so that’s the plan for the day =\

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Halls mentholyptus (I get paid by the ad), the honey and lemon kind, plus the real stuff.

What is it with you Americans, when everything is artificial lemon flavoured drinks and lozenges, but the furniture polish has the real stuff?

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It’s not just Americans. :)

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Any warm liquid such as soup or tea will help.

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