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Where can I go to meet new friends.. besides the bar/bookstore/church/bowling/coffee shop?

Asked by jenna (72points) April 10th, 2009

I need new friends in the areA!! But I am having one heck of a time finding friends. Any ideas?

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What kind of business are you in? Join some networking groups within your industry or volunteer to work trade shows for your company. Great ways to meet new people in my experience.

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Bible study groups/Camping/Scouting/Traveling to Holy Land or else.
Good Luck.

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Just about anywhere outside :) Last time I was out in the real world I saw lots of people.

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Take a fun class. Painting, cooking, programming, whatever you’re into. You’ll be around other people who share at least one interest.

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Dance classes. Especially ballroom dancing or contact improv.

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Evening classes.

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@daloon Salsa is pretty good for getting you to talk to strangers, too.

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The gym!! Hmmm.. yoga?

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If there is a local farmers or saturday market that is always good for getting to know people.

You might try volunteering, it is a great way to build friendships.

Also if you go to local events you will start seeing the same people around. You might also try a local music hall.

I agree with taking class of any time (community college, dance, yoga, etc…).

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