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Why are the US stock markets closed today?

Asked by MrItty (17376points) April 10th, 2009

Good Friday? Passover? Neither of those are federal holidays. Why do they affect the stock market in any way?

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Good Friday

Not quite sure why it is important enough to close the NYSE, but it is.

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Probably there are a lot of—or used to be a lot of—Catholics on the trading floor. Back in the day, no one was there, so they closed the sucker. Now, it’s tradition.

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Gooooooood Friday! You can actually look up specifically why any holiday exists for the market on the NYSE website. It explains why something has been chosen as such. I’m just pleased I get the day off work, however.

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it’s because the day before the holiday weekend is a day when a lot of jobs let their employees go home early,like on christmas eve or the night before thanksgiving, or friday before a three day weekend (memorial day weekend, etc.). they can’t let the wall streeters go home early if the market is open, so they close it the whole day and they can either leave early or have the day off. so it’s like a little gift from the employer, the chance to have a little extra time off with pay.

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