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What is a good free html editor for a pc?

Asked by sarahclif (135points) November 29th, 2006
I'm new to PC land from mac world and need a good html editor. Is mozilla the only option?
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I haven't used it myself, but one well-regarded free/open source html editor is nvu (
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Plus, depending on what you're building, there are lots of free online tools ala Google Pages--which is simple, but also pays for hosting (and is simple)
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Or if you're feeling courageous, and want to learn html, you can get a free text editor like Jedit (, and use one of the many online tutorials on html and css and just do it by hand. It's much simpler that you would imagine.
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The Google option isn't bad, except that it's reminicent of geocities sites, which always drove me crazy, for some reason. of course it's good "relevent' Google advertising, but all the same, it's advertised.
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another good
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ooops.. still getting used to the format here.. but another good html editor is Crimson Editor, which you can find here:
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notepad.exe, yo!
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I personally use EditPlus for all of my editing. It's not super advanced, but it does do color-coding, as well as for a variety of programming languages (HTML included).
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I personally like ConTEXT. It also supports many other coding languages, most with syntax highlighting too. Of course, you can use a notepad or the equivalent of it on Linux (or does Linux use notepad too? Wouldn't think so...). Have fun coding. :)
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Nvu is quite good but it's based on Mozilla code so if you don't like Mozilla's HTML editor than you most likely also won't like Nvu.

I really like Bluefish ( but that's only available for Linux and I suppose with "PC" you mean "Windows".

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I've always found PSPad to be a good straight-up HTML editor. It has the simplicity of a text editor but with handy features such as syntax highlighting.

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Mozilla is not an HTML editor, per se, it is a browser. While you can edit in html code, it is limited in comparison with a genuine editor.

I use Html-Kit ( primarily, but also Arachnophilia ( and AceHTML (

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I use notepad++
But, if you area a beginner try “KompoZer”: It is better than NVU.

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a really good and basic HTML editor and writer is called Notepad. It comes with every PC (judging on what type) and is the main HTML writer and editor for PC

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