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What do contract Ruby on Rails programmers get paid?

Asked by evhead (40points) November 29th, 2007

If, say, you’re hiring a reasonably qualified Rails developer to work remotely (in the U.S.) on contract, what would you expect to pay per hour?

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Where? A reasonably qualified Rails developer in New York City or the San Francisco Bay area can expect to make significantly more than a reasonably qualified Rails developer in rural Iowa.

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Well, I guess that’s part of the question: Do you adjust a contract price, based on where they’re located—even when they’re working remotely?

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The hourly rate is relative to few things: 1) Your budget, how much you can afford to pay hourly for this project. 2) The skill level of the developer 3) What the developer feels their fair market value is.

If you look on 37signals Gig Board a couple of people are willing to pay $40–50 per hour for freelance ROR work regardless of location.

Now keep in mind if you go with someone who is an expert in the Rails community (i.e. Mike Clark) or contributes to the core library, than expect to pay anywhere from $80 / hour and up.

Good luck!

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I’d say $50 – $100 per hour depending on experience of both the developer and the client, if you know what I mean.

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The contract price has to reflect where the developer is located somehow. For instance, I live in the Boston area; if you try to pay me the same rates you’d pay someone who lives in an area with a lower cost of living, I’ll just turn down the contract.

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