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Why do gray days make me so happy?

Asked by kevbo (25603points) April 11th, 2009 from iPhone

We had some really nice, cloudless, sunshiny days last week, which was great, but today is overcast, gray and a little rainy, and it absolutely suits me. In fact, I started to get disappointed a little while ago when the sun peeked. Is it my Irish or Polish genes? My tendency to burn in minutes? What gives?

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Where do you live? If you live in a place that’s normally sunny, the gray is a nice change. If you live in a dreary place, the gray days start to really drag on you. I think suicide rates in the Northwest probably peak around April, right when the chance to see the sun is inches away, yet still so far…

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I live in Albuquerque, but I loved the weather when I lived in Seattle.

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I think there’s something sort of lazy and cozy about gray days, especially weekends. You’re allowed to stay in and be totally indulgent and lounge.

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I love clouds and rain. I’m like “fuck it, hot chocolate and fireplace today.” I can go to the post office tomorrow.

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I woke up today thinking the same thing. I recently moved the furnature in my bedroom around and I now have my bed right by the window. I left the window wide open last night, and this morning when I woke up it was raining. The only other person home was my dog, who was sleeping on the floor. I got up and stood at the window for a while. I made tea. I wish I had a big front porch or a patio. That would have been perfect. But standing at the window was nice too.

If other people had been home I don’t think it would have been as nice. There’s something about being alone on a rainy day.

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i love rainy, cloudy gray days because they make me feel shut in and cozy. i love thunder and lightning and rain. long as its not on a day i need to do something outside.

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I love Fluther because when you think you’re the only one in the world that feels one way, you find out that you’re not!

I think because it gives you a “get out of what ever you were going to do today free card”.

But when I was at a canoe camp, I always preferred the overcast days. I don’t know why; I still had to canoe, and it usually meant it was going to rain that day…

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you are just a bit weird kevbo, that’s why we all love you

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Simple and affirming. GA and thanks!

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Gray days make me feel all cuddly and calm as long as there’s enough pressure and moisture from cloud buildup. A bleak dry day has the opposite effect.

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The colors are more evenly illuminated and it’s easier on the eyes. Having said that sometimes I like for my wife, daughter and myself to hang around the house and mutate into vegetables on rainy days. Also naps are better on those days.

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