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Where can I find a pdf manual for a 1997 Dodge Dakota?

Asked by Ownage (296points) April 11th, 2009

I need a PDF manual for a 97 dodge dakota sport (v6 – 3.9L 2WD). Every other car I have owned I was able to find a manual from somewhere online, but not the dakota. Most of the links I’ve tried are dead (the pdftown one). I will paypal if anyone has a copy and wants to scan.

Note: Don’t tell me to get a haynes manual. I want a factory manual for a reason. I also want a PDF manual for a reason (I hate paper books).

Thanks Flutherers

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why don’t you contact dodge customer service? Have you tried that?

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Local Library

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@flameboi: And pay for it legitimatly at the dealer??? Hah you make me laugh

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I’d get a new car already. Just saying. Bad for the environment.

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I remember a friend asked for a durango manual and was free of charge, they just send the pdf…

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@Zen: Ok you buy a new car. You will end up paying in payments in one year more than I paid for my entire vehicle. My truck will last longer than a year guarenteed. Looks like im ahead…

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