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How do I transfer my old computer's stuff to my new one?

Asked by MicaDirtCat (307points) April 11th, 2009

My old computer’s motherboard is caput so I got a new laptop but want all of my data. Can I retrieve it?

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Call the Geek squad to be sure.

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I’ve alreaby spent so much money on the old computer (and new one) and so I don’t want to call anyone.

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@MicaDirtCat Good luck with free advice.

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@Yarn- thanks, we’ll see!

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i’d just take out the hard drive of the old one, pop it in an external case and take off all the old stuff…

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@iwamoto- I’m not that tech savy, I have no idea what that means :)

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the best way to get data from one computer to another is by some sort of storage device. whether it be a flash drive, external hard drive, or dvd/cd-roms. I would suggest just getting an external hard drive to keep your information on anyways because it will keep all your information backed up at all times. It might cost a little more now, but it will last you a long time and through many computers.

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Basically, you’ll have to remove the hard drive from the old computer, and connect it to the new computer. If you search online, you should be able to find ‘external hard disk casing’, which acts as a sort of adapter from whatever interface the hard drive uses, to a more friendly interface like USB or firewire.
I am no expert on this, and you don’t seem to be one either, and although you couldn’t really do much damage to your data unless you drop your hard drive or something, I would recommend calling in an expert, as that would make the task quick and easy, and also they might be able to use their own hardware, saving you some hardware costs. For example, if you don’t wanna use the old hard drive later, then the external casing will just be used once and wasted. When I shifted to my new computer, I had my computer guy (who was cheap coz he was on an annual maintenance contract) remove the hard drive from the old PC and put it into the new one, not only giving me my old data, but also 40 gb more of storage space.

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Geek Squad is the biggest rip off and scam there is. Go anywhere else but them.
No disrespect to you Geek lovers. They are over priced, tack on too many other charges and is really a back door way to try to stick you with some over inflated warranty that you really do not need.

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Since the old machine is dead, removing the hard drive is the only way to get the data from the old machine.

If you can work a screwdriver you can do it.
@iwamoto is right, get the hard drive out of the old machine and put it in an enclosure.
@skorned gives you some details about how to do that.

If you have really zero knowledge of “computers” and don’t want to pay the geek squad then you have to learn only a bit to get the job done.
Go on the youtube and find out how to open a computer case and how to remove the hard drive. It is not difficult. Courage !

Also as @silver mentions, you should have backups of any and all important files outside your computer already.
If you don’t, (sounds like you don’t) change your habits and start doing that with an external drive.
Every single piece of a computer will eventually break. You can replace any other part with no problem but if your hard drive dies your data are lost.
If you had backups right now you wouldn’t have to care how to get the files off the old computer.

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