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Does anyone know how to get rid of nasty water mineral stains from tubs?

Asked by glassglitterandbeads (207points) April 12th, 2009

I’m talking NASSSTTTTY. You would think it was a male dorm room. It isn’t mildew, it’s mineraal buildup. I have tried CLR, but it doesn’t stay in place. The problem is the tub will not drain. Before I go into that issue, this house is over 100 years old, and the drain has been worked on for 20 of them to no avail, so it just drains slower than molasses. The result is a dark yellow buildup mess. I have Fibromyalgia and have no upper body strength to scrub at all. I also am the person who was out of town with the husband with the girlfriend, and have come home to a sub zero reunion, so I am on my own. I can’t afford to hire anyone to do it, so I was hoping there was a trick to it that maybe someone saw in that show “Clean House” with the annoying british women…

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You might want to try vinegar.

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Try toilet bowl cleaner-the bleach-gel kind. Paint it on and let it sit for a bit, then use a Mr. Clean magic eraser sponge.

your pipes probably need replacing; our house is that old, too.

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vinegar+baking soda that never fails

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Toilet-bowl bleach-gel stuff might work, good idea. If it doesn’t, you could get the
very, very heavy-duty janitorial-supply stuff I use (about once a year, on a fibreglass tub, because we have a lot of iron in our well water)
called SHOOTER. It’s very toxic, will discolor metals, you must use rubber gloves and
avoid breathing it. But it’s fantastic. You don’t need a lot. You can’t get it at a regular store – find a janitor-supply place. They use it on trashed rentals.

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@susanc Is this “shooter” the same as the aerosol stuff Trouble Shooter by 3M? Looking on internet to find product you are speaking of – I have bad mineral ring in toilet I need to get rid of.

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I really don’t think toilet bowl cleaner will work. Most hard water deposits are quite alkaline, and so are most toilet bowl cleaners. They are also much more hazardous to your health. Vinegar is the standard for removing mineral deposits, and it’s harmless.

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