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How to plot the same thing against two x values in numbers?

Asked by waterskier2007 (2050points) April 12th, 2009

i have to make a diagram that plots the same y values agains two sets of x values. i know it is possible because i imported a chart done in excel to numbers and it worked, but i cant figure out how to do it straight in numbers. any help would be great

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So I guess you’d have two points, for example
and say y=1
and x=2 and x=3
so the points are (2, 1) and (3, 1)
do you know how to graph that? or are you trying to make a table?

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no i have a set of data with a range of y values, and then i have a sex of x values and another set of x values, and i have to plot the y values across both sets of x values, on a scatter plot with a line between the 2 series

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okay, so how about you just start putting dots for every combination…

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i think i figured out how to do it but it may be a workaround way. im not sure what you mean about just putting dots

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well dots are part of a scatter plot, are they not? put dots for each x,y value

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im trying to do this in the application numbers, i know how to draw a scatter plot. in my question i said in numbers, i guess that could be kind of confusing. sorry, apple makes a program called numbers which is like microsoft excel

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oh, i’m sorry
yes i don’t know that program
i hope you get it to work

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i got it i think, thanks

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