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Who makes your favorite burrito?

Asked by Mamradpivo (9655points) April 12th, 2009 from iPhone

A burrito is an amazing combination of meats, cheese, flavors, spice and general goodness. Where is your favorite?

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Anna’s Taqueria, Porter Square, Cambridge, MA.

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For me my favorite is a chicken burrito from Chipotle Mexican Grill. And I’ve had many different burritos. But the one from Chipotle is cilantro lime rice, black beans, salsa, and chicken. It’s simply the best. :)

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La Corneta-Mission District, SF, CA.

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El Paisano in Sata Cruz (right across the street from the Boardwalk) has great burritos.
As far as chains are concerned, Rubio’s and Jimboy’s are the best.

Chipotle is way overrated. I don’t get the hype. Bland, bland, bland.

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I forgot about Jimboy’s. Haven’t had that in a while. In my opinion, Chipotle deserves its “rating” I had a burrito from there yesterday for the first time in a while and man, it is something else. Beats the hell out of Baja Fresh.

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I’ve been there!

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@Dansedescygnes There are better burritos… Do yourself a favor.

Take the 14 (or 49) south down Mission St until you get to the Bosworth stop and walk down Bosworth street. Go like 3 blocks till you hit Cuvier St. You should see a corner store. Go to the deli and order a chick super burrito. It’s like God blessed those Mexican women’s hands.

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14? 49? Is that MUNI? Sorry, I never take MUNI…lol

But I know where you’re talking about, it’s near Alemany in the Glen Park area. I will attempt to go to this place. Whatever the burrito is, I will have to make sure to order it without cheese because I don’t like cheese.

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@Dansedescygnes It is. I lived right around the corner from there (literally).

Why not take the MUNI? The Muni’s awesome! You could take the BART to the Glen Park stop and walk down Bosworth to Cuvier, too.

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I don’t know, once I started driving I became obsessed with it. Besides, I’m not the kind of person who just goes the main way all the time, I’m always finding different routes to places, ones with less traffic, etc. Also, I live in St. Francis Wood, so I’m pretty close to Glen Park.

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Vegetarian burritos from either Jalapeños in downtown Santa Cruz, CA or the Taco Truck (does it have a real name?) in the Safeway parking lot in Guerneville, CA. They draw flowers with smiley faces on the foil, too :)

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@aviona- I just drove by Jalapeños Taquería a few days ago. At the time I was too full of Pizza My Heart pizza and Marianne’s ice cream to eat there. Next time I’m in Santa Cruz I’ll have to try it.

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Really?! That’s so weird! I used to live literally a half a block from there! They’re open until 10PM and so we’d always walk there in our jammies and get dinner :)

I love Pizza My Heart!

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El Zarape, near the corner of Park and Adams Ave. in San Diego, has maybe the best burritos in a town where every corner has a burrito joint. Las Parillas in El Cajon is a close second, but has nowhere near the variety of El Zarape.

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Chicken, no beans, salsa, corn, tons of sour cream and cheese.

allie? where is you?

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Chipotle. The McDonald’s of burrito joints. Yech!

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Okay truth, but it’s still delicious.

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I don’t see how Chipotle is like McDonald’s…at least Chipotle uses real natural ingredients that you can see.

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Up until recently, Chipotle was owned by McDonalds.

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Uh… they used to be owned by McDonald’s.

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Ha, same time post.

Click for infoz.

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Also Planet Fresh Burritos in Santa Cruz, CA

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@asmonet @AstroChuck

Yes, but usually when you compare something to McDonald’s it’s a knock on its quality rather than a reference to the fact that McDonald’s owned it. Sure, maybe you don’t like Chipotle and compare it to Mickey D’s for that reason, but all I was saying is that at McDonald’s, the food isn’t made right in front of you like it is in Chipotle, so the comparison is not quite so accurate except for the fact that Chipotle is ubiquitous, though not near as ubiquitous as McDonald’s.

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If you’re in SF, I’m a big fan of Cancun – they have one of the best veggie burritos I’ve ever had. I always went to the one downtown (corner of 6th and Market – totally skeezy block of Market, but it’s worth it for the burritos!), but I know the one in the Mission is good too – it’s on Valencia, somewhere around 19th St., if I’m remembering right…

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I do.

OK, there’s two trucks, one on the SW corner of 8th Avenue and 14th Street and the other on the SW corner of 96th Street and Broadway, in NYC that makes fantastic burritos, real Mexican burritos, but I don’t know which region the operators are from. Uncle Moe’s is also very good and Mexican-owned. They’re on 19th Street between 5th and 6th Aves.

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Sorry all you haters. I LOVE Chipotle. I live in Arkansas and we don’t have them here so I don’t get to eat it unless a travel way north.

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It’s not that we hate Chipotle. It’s that it tends to be mediocre, as most chain restaurants do, and if you can find a local burrito place it’s likely to be better.

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Wow… I have such a different definition of mediocre. Mediocre, for me, is bland, repetitive, derivitive. It’s not bad per sé... but on the tasteless side of average.

Chipotle, in my opinion, is none of those things. All ingredients are made fresh, in house. They strive to use as much organically grown ingredients as they can get their hands on. Pork: 100% organic. Black beans are not, but that’s because the organic black bean market isn’t up to Chipotle’s demands. They use as many as they can. There’s more besides just those two.

At lunchtime, you can watch the kitchen crew whip up a new batch of guac, or pico de gallo, or cilantro lime rice on the fly. Chicken is always on the grilll. Nothing is microwaved or kept under a heat lamp. Their black beans are served whole, not broken.

You build your order just the way you like it… and it’s done with all the efficiency of a modernized assembly line. Fast. Hot. And excellent.

The fact you can get out the door with a custom burrito (or bowl) with a drink for under $8 seals the deal.

Around here, I have access to more mom & pop tex-mex joints than you can shake a stick at. I can enjoy variety 3 times a day, 7 days a week. But when I want a place I can trust to take my money and give me deliciousness in tinfoil made superbly well every time like clockwork, I go to Chipotle.

Mediocre then would be Qdoba, where they’ve revamped their menu offerings to simply mirror Chipolte’s. They saw their own offerings were inferior, so they just copied a winning competitor. And offered nothing substantive and new in the interpretation. Meh.

You don’t have to like Chipotle’s food. Everyone’s palette is different. But I feel like there should be respect for how they deliver… because it’s intentionally planned and meticulously executed.

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I DO. I used to go to Chipotle but then I moved to Arizona and banned myself from it because there’s so much real Mexican food here. And then I discovered how easy it is to make at home. Rice cooker makes white rice, I make a simple salsa, I make ground beef with taco seasoning, and then acquire everything else: cheese, sour cream, hot sauce, whatever i want. I don’t really go to burrito joints anymore.

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Chipotle: Chicken (extra meat), black beans, sour cream, lettuce, and cheese. Life changing! Simple but packed with flavor.

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