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What hotel have you ever stayed in which you feel provided the best value for the rate you paid?

Asked by kwso (29points) April 12th, 2009

I think my grammar is off – but hopefully the question is clear

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a few years ago = when the sofitel in new york city just opened – they were offering rooms at very low rates. For the high quality of services and decor – it was an amazing value. Still a great hotel – but their rates are not a bargain anymore.

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Hooters in Vegas. (I’m not kidding). The beds are comfy, the location is fantastic, the cheesiness is spot-on, the shower is ok, it’s casual, the guys (or gals) get some nice boobie eye-candy, there’s a pretty good restaurant in the casino with good room service, the pool is clean and not crowded, and it attracts an interesting group of people. It’s dirt cheap.

It’s far not the nicest place I’ve ever spent a night (really, not even a little luxurious or pretty), but it is one of the cheapest and I think one of the best deals in Vegas, and by far what I consider my best hotel deal. For the price, it’s phenomenal.

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The Stanhope Hotel in Brussels. The service was amazing, the rooms were fantasic ( comfy bed and even a shower/back massager). The price per room was average, it wasnt a bargain but it wasnt very expensive. The best hotel to stay while in Brussels.

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ritz carlton…

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fairmont in san francisco and fairmont in boston. boston i think was $169 a night and SF was about the same. beautiful hotels, historic, added to the greatness of the vacations, the lobbies themselves were something to talk about.

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I really enjoyed the Hilton but it was a bit expensive. If the cost doesn’t bother you or to you isn’t expensive I would definitely recommend it. I still believe we got our money’s worth though even if it was a bit expensive. We were going through some really tough times when we stayed there and it was the perfect fit for us, we ended up having a good time even in the face of hardship.

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The Fairmount in Chicago, where I was for a business trip in 2003, was lovely. Everyone there made an effort to provide great service and the food was quite decent. The room I had was very nice. Mine overlooked the lake. I see where it would’ve been worth paying for, had I paid for it (the client of the company I worked for took care of it).

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We use the Marriott credit card for all our financial uses, purchases and paying bills, and we earn enough points to use three or four free rooms a year, which is a very good value. We stay at a new Springhill suites in Bakersfield on each trip to San Diego and return. It is an excellent value.

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Thanks all. And I realise now how to word this question in English:
Out of all the hotels you’ve ever stayed in – which one do you feel provided the best value for the rate you paid?

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