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Mac Users: What desktop twitter application do you use?

Asked by bluedoggiant (648points) April 12th, 2009

I have had twitter for about a year now, for following a company at big apple events, but only for the past couple days I have taken big interest into Twitter and I would like to get into it. I am looking for a good light weight twitter app. Right now I have nailed down to “Nambu”, “Canary”, and “Moonblast” (which also updates facebook)

From all the billions of twitter clients (excluding dashboard widgets and Adobe AIR apps), which client do you use. And which one is supposedly best.

I see twitterrific is supposedly the most popular, I used it, I didn’t really find anything so great about it.

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Tweetie is in beta for OSX. Waiting on that. Besides that I use twitterfox.

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I use Tweetdeck, works great.

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I use Syrinx, because it seems lightweight and doesn’t run on AIR.

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I use Twitterfox. I think @willbrawn suggested it in an earlier thread, and I like it quite well. Apart from that, I have the PowerTwitter extension in Firefox as well.

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I use either Hahlo or EventBox. Both are pretty good.

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I have not gotten down with the whole Twitter thing yet. I just don’t care to share every second of my life with people. I really don’t get it.

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@SeventhSense I didn’t either until I started following people that don’t just talk about what they had for lunch or when they got home from work. Once you find more interesting people to talk to it is much more interesting. I usually use it to post links and post quick comments on them.

I like the looks of EventBox so far I think. Just got it free with the MacHeist bundle and it seems pretty nice.

Have had nothing but problems with the AIR apps on Windows anyway. Haven’t tried any AIR apps on the Mac yet.

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Heh, thought I mentioned excluding adobe air apps.

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I mostly post from my iPhone using Twinkle (by Tapulous) or online. However, I would recommend Twitterific

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I use Twitterific. It sits in the menubar and I like its minimal styling. Its not too feature rich, I mostly use it for its Growl notifications, and then go to the web for everything else.

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@justn Yeah, me too! I love Growl!

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Tweetdeck is a life saver.

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I use Eventbox. It’s nice, but I’ll probably switch up when Tweetie comes out.

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Is there a public beta?

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I kinda like Nambu

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Yea im looking at that

I am also looking at Beak ( which is coming out soon

and Tweetie for mac by

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You might want to look into Syrinx, too.

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heh @dverhey that one lost my interest quickly :(

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Twitterfox is my favorite because it’s just hanging out down below and out of the way. I am going to download Tweetie for OSX like I have on my iTouch and see what’s up with that. The paid version apparently doesn’t have ads though, just a thought.

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The ads are really unobtrusive though. In my opinion there’s very little point in paying except to give props to the developer for a great desktop app.

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@benseven ditto

and they are incorporated so nicely. in all the time ive used the app, i saw just one ad.

whats annoying is that every 3–4 start ups it asks you to register

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yeah, tweetie is far exceeding my expectations. it’s really good.

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Most of the time I use the 1.4 beta version of Adium. It works great and for someone who always has their chat window opened at work it blends in nicely. Otherwise if I have my chat session closed to get some work done I will check Twitter with TwitVim. Granted the interface is a little out dated, but it gets the job done. :)

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