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Is Macbook's Sudden Motion Sensor that sensitive?

Asked by FrancisRude (225points) April 12th, 2009

Hey guys, I am a new Macbook owner, and also to the Mac world. Today, I abruptly titled my Macbook unibody 2.4 ghz with 320gb hd, and i noticed a clicking sound on the hard drive area.

I did some research and I found out about the sudden motion sensor deal, I learned how to disable it and i tried tilting it abruptly and wala, the clicking sound was gone.. And went ahead and enable the SMS feature, since its recommended to leave it on.

Anyway, I really like this feature, but I guess i just have to get used to the click sound. Nothing major, only when its abrupt or sudden vibration.

It just kinda sensitive, any info on this? I heard the Macbook pro is much sensitive. Is it because my HDD is the same HDD as what the new MBP uses? Please enlighten this noob :)

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Sounds like it’s doing what it’s designed to do to me. Yes, it is sensitive. There are programs that use the sensor to do things like make light sabre sounds when you swoosh around the MacBook, etc.

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Definitely keep it on, I have seen many Macbooks saved by that feature. Also as @StellarAirman said, “There are programs that use the sensor to do things like make light saber sounds when you swoosh around the MacBook…” Why the hell would you ever disable something that can make light saber sounds?!?!

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hahah.. Thanks for that, i keep it on as i like playing Scream pong hahaha. I am loving this everyday. What do you guys use to clean your screens?

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Dust-Off Anti Static wipes work well and there is also a Staples brand LCD screen wipe that works well.

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Awesome, I will look into that. I am so happy i got a mac. :)

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If you want to see how sensitive it is, check out SeisMac.

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