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Can you recommend an advanced digital camera (between $900 and $1200)?

Asked by augama (106points) November 30th, 2007
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you mean a DSLR? For that price range I’d recommend hands down the Canon Digital Rebel XTi (also known as 400D).

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Nikon D80 DSLR

Also here’s CNET’s list of Top Professional DSLRs (some of them are actually within your budget

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I second the XTi suggestion. I have it, it’s amazing.

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I would also take a look at the Pentax K10D. It’s gotten great reviews.

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As a professional photographer, I’d highly recommend the Canon 30D. Also invest in a decent lens. The kit lenses that come with with camera’s never do them justice.

I highly recommend getting a Canon 50mm f1.8 lens. Their cheap ($76), simple, and amazing. Nothing beats the quality of a prime lens. Here is a great example of the 50mm’s quality of image and amount of detail.

With that combo of body, kit lens, and prime, you’ll be able to capture some great shots with enough practice.

If you’re into Nikon, they make good cameras too. It’s really just a Pepsi vs. Coke thing.

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I agree with Spargett on that one. I do use the newer version of the Canon; the Canon 40D. It has 10.2MP, live view, spot metering, faster continuos mode, more weather seals and some more goodies. Great camera. I agree on getting an alternative lens to that body such as the great Canon 50mm 1.8. Super cheap and one of Canon’s sharpest still!

The kit lens (17–55mm) has been improved since its first launch and is in its third generation now. It includes better build quality and stabilisation! Fantastic stuff for a kit lens now. It is totally worth getting that lens for those extra like 60 bucks or so compared to body-only price. That lens goes for hundreds by its own. Good luck!

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I bought the 30D last year and it is a phenomenal camera. Yes, I’d rather have a new 40D, but the 30D was such a bargain after the 40D rollout. I’d highly recommend the Tamron 17–50mm f/2.8 lens. It is so versatile that you may not need another lens unless you get into specialized photography. The 50mm f/1.8 that Spargett recommends is probably the best buy out there, but it may not give you the wide angle view that you may be used to if you are moving up from a consumer camera. Before you buy, go to a good camera store and have them mount several lenses on the body that you are considering, see what looks “right” to you.

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