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Where do you get your news?

Asked by oratio (8905points) April 13th, 2009

What media is your source of news? What newspaper do you read?

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The BBC (website or morning news).

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New York Times, The New Yorker, NPR, CNN and Yahoo online.

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The Associated Press website (iPhone version), every morning.

NPR (mostly podcasts).

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The BBC and Al Jazeera. Oh, and The Daily Show too.

And Most of the big stuff gets posted there. And they include links to several sources.

I’m not a fan of the media in the United States.

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From people saying “hey, did you hear…...”

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Funny thing, I just realized I typed “media” instead of something like “news agency.” Yeah, the “news” is now 100% bullshit and pundits. That is a simple venn diagram. Two overlapping circles. FML

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CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)

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Since I began working at a newspaper, I have found that I could care less about news. I read our paper and will read what is on the main page of MSN but other than that I don’t go out of my way for news. If it is important enough someone will tell me about it.

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From the weather report. (Get it?)

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@Zen Good ol’ Simon and Garfunkel!

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San Francisco Chronicle. The Onion.

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NPR, PRI, APM, local radio news shows, Philadelphia Inquirer, New York Times, The New Yorker, BP magazine, Discover Magazine, The Sun (somewhat belated, but still, news to me), fluther, chance landings on various blogs, other people. Not television, however.

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Deomocracy Now! A great independent news source.

Al Jazeera It’s not a terrorist propaganda machine like CNN wants you to think.

Watching America Translated news from other countries.

And I listen to NPR.

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talk radio on Sirius XM,,, AP news,,

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@boots Of course, Al Jazeera has all the babes; it’s like Islam’s “The Naked News” – plus all the free Anti-US and Anti-Israel jokes, so fucking funny!

I say, let’s strap some b*ombs to our chests (FBI dudes – chill, it’s called irony – look it up) and have an Al fucking Jazeera good time, yahoo!

But I digress… to each his own (news source), my friend.

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@Zen To each there own. I take every news source with a grain of salt, as should everyone imo.

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@boots It’s cool.

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