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Can you send someone a text message via email?

Asked by zina (1661points) November 30th, 2007

In other words, without a cell phone, is there any way to send a text message to a cell phone?

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btw, I don’t know what kind of phone/plan they have

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I don’t know about doing it through email, but you can send a message to someone’s phone through AOL Instant Messenger if you have a screen name. I think Facebook also has an application where you can send messages to someone’s phone through Facebook.

What amazing technology we have nowadays.

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Yes you can

1. Heres the easy way (that i havent tried) you use a service called Teleflip. All you do is you send an email to where 201124567 is the phone number

2. The method i tried and works perfectly: Use AIM.It requires the AIM client and is not really an email client.This requires an AOL or AIM screen name but if you do have an aim screen name, its quiet fast and reliable in message delivery and very easy to use.
3. The old school method: send emails to
Virgin Mobile:

where phonenumber = your 10 digit phone number ( i haven’t tried this in a while but it used to work a few years ago)

4. Use . Direct messages to the cell phone from their website .Does not require email but since its a third party app – theres always a chance of spamming the sender even though they promise against spamming

Remember: the people who receive the message might be charged for an incoming text. So try keeping the emails within 140 o 180 characters (someone correct me on the number of characters on a text msg)

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I guess this assumes you are located in the US.

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@tardis: yes it is meant for the people living in the US only

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figures :-(

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all you need to know is their number. it’ll tell you what service they have (or it at least links you to a site to find out)


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Are there any UK equivalents?

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@richardhenry: Google’s SMS Tool might work in the UK

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I don’t live in the US, neither do I own a mobile phone but I send texts to my daughter all the time using Skype. She cannot text back though. If you load a mobile phone number in your Skype contacts, just right click on the name and then send SMS message

If you do not already use Skype it is so simple and fast to download, it is free, only takes a few moments. Sending text costs me €0.078, in other words next to nothing.

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Excuse my ignorance, but why would you need to send someone a text message if you can send them an email? Isn’t an email just a long-form text message? Maybe I just don’t understand what it is that you want to do but if they can receive emails on their mobile, why not just send them an email?

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@lillycoyote With a text message I am sure that my daughter will receive my message immediately, e-mail is a little less certain and on weekends she does not use a computer at all, her mobile phone cannot receive e-mails either, so there are lots of reasons why I choose to text her.

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alright thanks every one

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because i dont have her email

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