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Name for surf/skate/snowboard clothing company?

Asked by jonnyf (4points) April 13th, 2009

I am in the process of launching a surf/skate/snowboard clothing company but I have been desperate struggling with a catchy name.

The company perception will focus in a connection between the nature and the urban.

The products will reveal a combination of art, music and fashion and a contemporary lifestyle.

I am also creating a label dedicated only to eco-friendly products.

The company will represent the board riding lifestyle and will be targeted to people who thrive on individuality, spontaneity and a passionate one-on-one experience with the nature.

If someone could help me finding an attractive and simple name I would be very thankful.

If you have a good one that I really like it and you want to sell it, we can get to an agreement.

Hope someone can help me.



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SurfSkateClothes R Us :P Yeah, it’s a little overused

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Sea and Shore Bodywear by Ja-o

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static boarding

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Nature City
Natural Loft
Industrial Sky

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The Board Room

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Kiss the Sky Sportsgear

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Go For It Sportswear


Waterboard (maybe not so good :-))

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Hey, i am in Advertising. Maybe we can work on promotion :)

maybe you should consider names such as:

INSIDE (I like this surf term, i already have a concept in mind for a logo)
KUK (A beginner surfer who gets in the way)

and maybe you can name your store as GREEN ROOM :) I am not sure cos the store in newport is called green room surf.

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