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How to get a flat tummy if I do not have time for exercise?

Asked by sarah_neerjah1234 (42points) December 1st, 2007
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good luck with that one. not going to happen.
you probably do have time for exercise, or if this is something that you really want, you should make time.

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Well, there are some small ways you can work quasi-calisthenics into your day, and get small results, without a full-on exercise routine. Contracting your abs and holding it in while (standing up crunches,of sorts) standing in the shower while you condition your hair, or brushing your teeth may begin to tighten that area. Also, stand up straight and pull by tightening your abs when you walk.

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i agree that exercise is the way to go—and just 10–15 minutes a day of situps can do wonders. if you do it, make sure to do not just front but diagonal and side as well.

in terms of during-daily-activities, another one is sitting on an exercise ball. as a backless chair, and one that rolls around at that, you’re having to engage a variety of tummy muscles (again, covering the front/sides) to sit on it.

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I understand the resistance to “exercise” – I hate treadmills and stretchy strength-building cords and all of the other stuff that feels like exercise for exercise’s sake. What has really worked for me is building activity into the structure of my day. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, bike or walk for short trips instead of driving, etc. Find sports that you enjoy – maybe tennis or swimming or just walking with friends or family in pretty, scenic places. Trick yourself into exercising. Your belly will thank you for it.

Also, the one thing that I think helps people keep off weight, that I can’t stress enough, is to avoid eating a lot of processed foods. If you are cooking for yourself, it almost doesn’t matter what you eat as long as you use healthy, wholesome ingredients: pasta, potatoes, veggies, fruit, meat, whatever. Just stay away from those frozen meals that have 40 different ingredients in them and stay away from fast food and junk food (except in small doses).

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i agree about the walking, taking the stairs, and otherwise having ‘exercise’ just be part of your daily functioning – it seemed so obvious to me i didn’t mention it – but i would also note that while it might help, and it might even help a LOT depending on your lifestyle and body now, it may or may not actually get you a FLAT tummy. so above ideas are great, but a warning that your tummy might need an extra push to get it where you want it.

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also – go out dancing! dance classes are great for the tummy, and so is just dancing for fun. lots of vigorous dance styles (from ballet to salsa to raunchy bar dancing) really work the tummy without you really noticing it. shake your hips, do the twist.

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The dancing suggestion is a really great one – belly dancing in particular might be a good one to try. With that, you focus a lot on toning and moving muscles in the belly and hip region.

Also, be aware that some women’s bodies are just going to be more curvy than others. I spent a few months in Morocco and met a lot of curvaceous women who danced, were active, ate well, everything, but had little bellies nonetheless. That didn’t keep them from showing off their curves by belly dancing. There is even a word for the kind of cute little belly a woman has in Arabic. It sounds kind of like “bode.”

joli's avatar has a great article on belly fat for men, and one for women with simple one-two-three exercise, which when done properly works quickly. Check it out.

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My dear, the only way to get a flat stomach is to lower your body fat percentage. There’s a really good chance you might already have some definition in those abdominals, but you can’t see most people’s as they’re obscured by a lovely layer of flubber. If you lower your caloric intake just 500 calories a day, you can very safely lose a pound a week. Get a scale that monitors your body fat percentage and keep track. You’ll notice that the more fat you lose, the more definition you see in your body. People get hung up on weight, but the number that really gives us an indication or our fitness is our body fat percentage!
Since you say you don’t have time to workout, you could lose trim off those 500 calories a day just through making good food choices and avoiding snacking. You’d be surprised how quickly those pesky calories can add up :)

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