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What is an alternative game to SimCity? on a PC?

Asked by MrGV (4164points) April 13th, 2009

Being able to build a civilization and so on…

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Mac? PC?

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Wait, did your question say that? Oops.

But I don’t know. But this is what Wikipedia says.

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What do you mean by “alternative?” If you are looking for a free alternative, there is LinCity NG which has a Windows port. Sid Meier’s Civilization is a fantastic game that allows you to “build a civilization and so on.”

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Yeah, I second the vote for Civilization. I’d say specifically, Civ IV.

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I love Sim Farm . . . you can keep strawberries in a silo for years (very lifelike).

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Transport Tycoon, Locomotion, and their open source clones OpenTTD and Simutrans are fun SimCity-like games, even though you have little control over the building of the civilization.

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