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Have you or do you know anyone who was cured of something naturally?

Asked by missjena (918points) April 13th, 2009

If you do NOT know anyone who has then you can omit this question.

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Could you define naturally?
My mom got a new human heart (transplanted) 12 years ago, is that natural?

But if I read you question correcly:
Yes; I cured my cronic backpain! I lost weight and gained strength in my abs :)

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Don’t we ALL know people who had a cold or virus that ran its course?

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Well, considering that most medicines are made from organic compounds…

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@milla I’ve cured my back pain naturally as well. I mean homeopathically.

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Ah, then I have to say no, sorry.
Can’t say I believe in homeopathy…

But if it stupid but it works; It ain’t stupid :)

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If by natural you mean homeopathic, then yes: my cousin had small warts all over her legs that would spread when she shaved. She went to tons of doctors, and tried everything from steroids to diets to topical medications, and it was finally cured by a homeopathic remedy suggested by her naturopath. After 10+ years they have completely vanished, and she can shave again.

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My brother was very, very allergic to cats, to the point that as kids we had to get rid of our new cat after a midnight ambulance call. He had some exposure therapy, and now he and his cat are very happy together.

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@Likeradar i wish that would work for me. I went to an allergist and all for my allergies. Nothing really seemed to work, so its like hell every time i go over my girlfriends since she has a cat >_<

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@uberbatman- I’ll email him and see what he did, exactly. He’s got some offbeat beliefs, but maybe he handled this one in a way I think is worth passing on. :)

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@Likeradar that would be much appreciated :)

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If it’s small, I wait to be cured naturely. Or else, there’s no way than to see a doctor.
Yeah, I see many animals around here on streets. People don’t care about them. They have to go through the natural healing process.
The animals in jungle and many trees and plants are healed naturally. After all, not everyone on earth can see a doctor.

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Yes, I have 3 very very very close friends who’s parents cured their cancer via diet and nutrition and help from alternative cancer treatment centres.

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This is a small thing, but we used banana peels to get rid of warts on both my husband and 5 year old son. They each had a wart on a finger—the one on my son’s finger was pretty big. I’d read online that banana peels cure warts and it worked. Each night, we’d put a small square of banana peel on the wart and tape it in place with surgical tape. It would stay on all night, then remove it in the morning. We could see the warts starting to die and break up after only a couple of days. It took about two weeks, and my son’s is completely gone. My husband’s is just barely visible. No pain, and the treatment hardly cost anything.

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@ninjacolin, I know a few people who were cured of cancer naturally as well and their regular oncologists were(as they put it ) stumped! There are a lot of cases like this.

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Applecider vinegar cured my friends warts.

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I suggest all the people posting wart cures read this.

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yea, doctors know a hell of a lot but the don’t know everything. you gotta do your own research on the side otherwise you’ll miss out on all the good stuff that your doctor has!

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I encourage being your own health advocate because there are a lot of things out there that your regular doctor wont expose to you because it is against what they have learned. Here is a personal experience that I had. My Aunt was diagnosed with cancer and the hospital basically said that there was nothing they can do for her at this point. She should just go home to die pretty much. My mother had pulled the doctor aside and asked, “If this were your daughter or wife is that what you would say?”. He said these exact words, “Off the record, and if you tell anyone that I said this I will have to deny it to save my job, if it were my wife the only way I know she would survive is if she went to a holistic/homepathic doctor”.

My aunt refused to try anything at this point and passed on a few months later. My mother explained she will never forget the look in his eyes.

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@crisw Now I will always wonder if the bananas made the wart go away, or if my husband and son were sacrificing eels in their spare time. Maybe they got up together at midnight to make faces in the mirror? We’ll never know!

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@MissAusten, Green bananas apparently work better than ripe ones. In case your husband wants to try round 2.

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@timothykinney: jaja! eres gracioso. te quiero.

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@La_chica_gomela : I love you too, baby.

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absolutely! My friend had candida and cured it with natural enzymes.

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OK folks, this is not for tender stomachs, but it is true. Years ago, I had a root canal. Since I stopped using antibiotics twenty years before, I determined I would not use them for my root canal. I went to a natural healer (can’t remember her title), but she told me to go off ALL sugar and processed foods, and to start taking a clove of raw garlic with every meal (you chop it up, and take it with food already in your stomach). I did so, and had the first session the next day.

I lived in the mountains, and because of the high altitude, they had to do the root canal in two sessions. First you drill out the nerve, then put in a temporary cap. A day or two later, you go back and put in the permanent filling.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I had an allergic reaction to the sanitizing solution they put in the tooth before they put in the temporary filling. It caused me to swell up, and I had to remove the temporary filling. The doctor gave me little gauze pellets to put in the hole in my tooth to keep out food, and I was to change it out every day.

After about 2 weeks, the swelling and pain had gone completely down, and I went back to have the temporary cap put in. Another allergic reaction, this time worse. And again, I had to remove the temporary filling because of the pain due to pressure.

This continued (I’m embarrassed to say) yet a third time. But this time the swelling almost closed off my throat (and yes, each time I swelled up like that the pain was ***Excruciating***).

I finally wised up and went to a holistic dentist my natural healer told me about. He told me to remove the tooth, that I had an allergic reaction to a dental chemical. He also told me that the only reason I did not have any infection was due to the raw garlic I took three times a day.

It is true that I smelled so strongly I could have cleared the room without opening my mouth. But had I gone the traditional route of prescription medication, I would have received course after course of increasingly stronger antibiotics until I had destroyed my immune system. As it was, each time after the swelling due to pain went down, I felt better than I had in years.

A root canal opens a hole through the tooth right to the bone. I had an open root canal for 6 weeks ...***without ANY infection***. I paid a high price as for pain due to the allergic reaction, but I say what I learned was worth any amount of money.

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I forgot to mention that you don’t want to take raw garlic on an empty stomach. You will throw it up. That’s why you take a little food first.

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I should amend my statement from earlier: I have 3 very very close friends who’s parents claim to have cured their cancer via alternative methods. I also have a very close friend who couldn’t afford the natural alternative methods but refused the traditional science methods and who has since passed on.

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