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Is it really a celebration of women (see details)?

Asked by Facade (22902points) April 13th, 2009

I’m watching the TV Guide channel, and they’re talking about the next issue of Allure Magazine. Allure does a spread of naked women to “celebrate women’s bodies” once a year. But is it really a celebration of women’s bodies if all the women featured are size 0 (size 2 maybe) celebrities? Should they not print women of varying sizes, shapes, and colors?

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Yes, it is really a celebration of women!

I do not think that something would be not considered a celebration of women simply because it only included one body type. There are many types of women, and I do not think that every single type of woman would necessarily need to be included in something in order for it to be considered a celebration of women.

It would be crazy if people started to think that every single type of woman needed to be included in order for something to be a celebration of women because then, every time people wanted to celebrate women, they would need to gather together a collection of every type of woman, and it would take a long time to do so, thus, slowing down the process of celebrating women.

Furthermore, what if people kept complaining and it kept being broken down into requiring more types, to the point that people were saying, “This is not really a celebration of women unless we have someone of (every race) x (every eye color) x (every hair color) x (every body type) x (every sexual orientation)!” Then, people would need to gather over 1,000 very specific women to be able to include each of these types before being able to celebrate women. That would be horrible, and I do not advise it!

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Yeah, they should. Beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes.

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@girlofscience: how about something a little more representational with those dozen bodies then? Reality instead of an unattianable and damaging false ideal?

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sounds like something i can celebrate to!

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Well, let’s make it a celebration of the majority of women. I believe that is something around 5’4” and a size 12. Or let’s represent women (which is plural not singular) with a a 200lb Samoan woman with one leg, because there are women like that.

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@tinyfaery mmm….handicap samoans. me-ow. throw a wheelchair in and let’s party!

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This always annoyed me. No wonder people feel so bad about their bodies all the time.

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I think any “celebration” of any group should contain a cross section of that group, rather than a single type of person found in said group.

@girlofscience, while it is obviously impractical to include every type of woman in a group such as this (it might be tough to track down a 200 pound one legged Samoan), they should make some attempt to switch it up from what we typically see in the media.

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Sorry. I was watching Amy Poehler last night.

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I agree they need to at least have people with some meat on there bones not these stick figures that very few of us are.

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@SuperMouse I agree. I’d rather see someone like Jennifer Hudson naked than lindsey lohan.

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It’s not an accurate representation of women. Not at all. They should have a range of ages and sizes. Not just one group – seems kind of silly, to me.

I’m just thinking of my close girlfriends – we range in sizes from 0 to 22. I have a picture of us from a wedding and it’s beautiful. I remember my friend Kalli trying to hide, she’s on the heavier end of the scale, but the woman is gorgeous, absolutely radiant. When I look at that picture, I see a sampling of real women.

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Why must they be naked to celebrate womanhood??? Whether they are naked or clothed, yes should be more representative of real women in real life, not the fairy tale, super pampered world of a movie star.

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@cak: I think that would be a wonderful representation! I agree that the tall skinny women should not be excluded, but they are not the only kind of women. Why not some short skinny women, or some tall muscular women, or any combination thereof.

@girlofscience: Why do you get so defensive when someone wants something in addition to the tall skinny white girl?

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@rooeytoo I have no clue why they are naked.

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I think it’s ridiculous. Women come in varieties, and I want to see that when looking at a “celebration of women”.

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@casheroo look at that; we’re in agreement on something :)

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well, i suppose it can be a celebration of a very tiny fraction of women

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@KatawaGrey: What does this have to do with tall or white?

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Last year’s issue featured Jill Scott. She is a size 16.
I think most magazines now do a good job of showing women of all races. They do lean towards the thinner models for fashion spreads, but I have seen many articles featuring healthy looking models. I don’t think they help any woman’s self esteem by airbrushing the hell out of them, but I do think progress is being made.

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I’m just curious. Would you (meaning women) buy the magazine or watch the show if larger size women were shown. When I walk through the checkout isle at the supermarket, the magazines mostly show the ‘size 2” women”. Sure, there are a few displaying larger sizes, but in general it’s the size 2s they push. Men do not buy those magazines. Women do. Vote with your dollars and leave the next Cosmo on the rack if you don’t like its culture.
From the ads shown, I estimate the audience for America’s Top Model is 99% female. If you don’t like it why do you watch?

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@girlofscience: sigh. All right, let me re-phrase the question. Why do you get so defensive when someone wants something in addition to the skinny girl?

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Maybe next year Allure magazine can call it the “celebration of tiny women’s bodies”. It is a known fact that the average American woman wears a size 12 or 14 and is not 105 pounds! If you don’t believe me, try BEING a size 12 or 14 and shopping at regular retail shops. There are racks and racks of size 2,4,6,& 8 in every color and description, and the size 12 & 14s are rare in anything other than black or navy slacks and matronly jackets or blouses. For this very reason, I have taken to shopping at consignment shops and thrift stores where they have clothing that fits REAL women!! And as @Lupin has so smartly suggested, I cast my vote with my dollars. I vote against the fashion mags, I vote against the concept that to be sexy a woman has to look like an anorexic, and I vote against shows like “ANTM” for their unrealistic portrayal of style and fashion. I also hate ANTM for the meanness factor.

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@VS: What gets me about that show is how they call the girls with curves plus-size models. They probably wear the same jean size as me and they are 9 inches taller!!!

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@KatawaGrey most plus-sized models on the show eventually lose weight. I believe they have to be a size 10–12 to be considered plus-sized and are under as much stress as the regular models to keep their weight within the standards.

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Just to note, I’m one of those “size 2s” lol, actually, I’m a size 3–5, depending on that time of the month ;) I’m tall and thin, but I’m curvy and I love my body. I think women should love the body they have, but seeing women all bone thin is not what all women look like. We have our blemishes, we have things that jiggle..personally, my husband would be upset if I didn’t have a butt that had some meat on it lol.

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@casheroo I wasn’t putting down thin women, just the media’s idea that everyone should look like that.

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@Facade oh, i know! i was just a “thin woman” i don’t think the media is doing us a favor by having all bone thin models.

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@casheroo i think we should “all bone thin models”, to quote. ;)

couldn’t not

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@eponymoushipster you’re so gross ;)

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@casheroo stop laughing and i’ll stop doing it :)

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@casheroo – I’m one of those thin women and I will gladly attest that thin doesn’t mean without blemishes! Part of my small size has everything to do with the fact that I’ve been sick for several years – but I’m also just more on the petite size. The difference in my body from say 21 and now – at 38…some things have started to shift and move! I don’t mind. I’m happy with my body and my husband is happy, too. I’m not one that really ever thinks of plastic surgery – I had considered it for a few surgical scars, but not anymore.

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@casheroo My husband also likes a woman with some meat on her bones. He says he doesn’t want to have to shake the sheets to find his woman!

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@VSThat’s great! :)

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