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Help me, I think I'm falling, in love too fast. Does this sound familiar?

Asked by Zen (7738points) April 13th, 2009

It’s taken from a song, but I’ve experienced this feeling and I’m sure you have too. Any advice on what to do for the next time it happens? Any interesting stories to share?

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How fast is too fast?

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This isn’t much of a question. If your sure it’s love, I don’t see a problem in how fast you guys fall in love.

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@Zen i’m sorry…. i just don’t feel the same way. You’re a really great person and all but i’m just not into it. I hope we can still be friends.

this happened to me a lot… suffered for it… until i found the love of my life. we’re engaged now

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Nothing wrong in falling to fast, just enjoy the feeling :D
The problems start when you ACT to fast…

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i’m sure the extra comma slows things down.

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The last time we had questions like this, they were from tennesseejac. We haven’t seen him since.

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@jonsblond excellent point. he fell in the sarlaac pit of love it seems.

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too fast is this:

1. i want to do you right now.
2. i love you “and it is the first date”
3. “i want you to meet my parents” today
4. is that your tongue in my mouth?
5. do you have protection?
6. well, since you don’t, i do.
7. i just want to text you all day.
8. i need to know where you are
9. when you call him/her, the first thing you ask is “where are you?”
10. you always ask “who are you talking to?”

love is not circumstances. it is true feelings and maturity. love comes after broken hearts.

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@Dr_C You always make me smile – you are by far one of the funniest and most brilliant flutherites!

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1) aww shucks.
2) ohmy.
3) sure.
4) damn skippy.
5) i have a rubber glove and some windex.
6) even better.
7) can we just IM?
8) right here waiting.
9) i just told you.
10) you, silly.

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@Zen fyi, dude. you can reply to multiple individuals in one quip. even if the @ doesn’t light up every time, it’ll activate when you submit. just as an fyi. :)

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@eponymoushipster Thanks, I will in the future.

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@Zen & @eponymoushipster you my friends make Fluther a better place

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@Dr_C :-) Lurve you! Not in lurve with you, but lurve at you!

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Roll with it as bets you can.

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“Interesting” story: _Ah, I feel like I know you so well, but we just met.
I love you.
Okay, we’re not going to get attached. We really can’t get too involved.

We don’t spend a moment apart for 2 weeks.

Aren’t you guys sick of each other yet?

We’re gonna be together a long time, baby.

We start living together.

10 months later. The shit hits the fan.

We fell fast and hard. It was fantastic while it was.

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Enjoy it as much as you can!

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slowly digested over a thousand years

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When I fall in love usually it happens at speed of sound.
If it takes longer, then probably is not love.

I have never been lucky with that though, so maybe I am completely wrong.

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When I tried to draw attention to this issue in my last attempted relationship, he asked me how to stop a speeding locomotive. It’s not that I didn’t share his feelings; I was falling fast as well, but I have learned to see my beloved as a complete human with good and bad traits. However, it seems that the guys tend to put me on a pedestal and only see what they perceive to be my good points and ignore my flaws; and when I can’t live up to this unrealistic impression he has of me, they act disappointed.

Let me assure you that I refuse to put on pretenses in any situation, and so it is not that I am trying to be something I am not or misleading them in some way. In fact, I always hear how refreshing my honesty and ‘realness’ are, and how they appreciate that I’m not some high-maintenance girly-girl. But then it’s almost as if they want a high-maintenance girly-girl, so they can play their manly-man role. Sorry. I won’t be anything other than who I am. I won’t play head games, because ultimately, the guy feels pressured to live up to the ‘knight-in-shining-armor’ facade, too, and freaks out that I won’t like the real him (when in fact I’ve been seeing the real him all along).

So my advice is to take a step back and look at this person as if one of your friends was dating her. Or look at her as if you’d already been together for 5 years. Try to be as objective as possible. What are the little things that may seem ‘cute’ now that might get on your nerves once you live with them day in and day out? What actions do they choose that reflect their true values (such as how they treat strangers and children)?

If you can still say that you love the person when you see their strengths and weaknesses and accept them as they are, with no expectations on them to change anything, and knowing full well that their appearance and abilities will change with time and possibly illness or accidents, then you know that it’s a relationship worth your time and energy.

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Be sure you understand that “love” is a word in the dictionary. It comes between ‘like’ and ‘lust’ and is often confused for one or both of them. ~.~

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It also comes between Lingonberry and Lucky-Duck.

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@PupnTaco – True that, but I have never confused love with a lingonberry…

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@VS obviously, you’ve never had the meatballs at IKEA.

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