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Should I get an iPod or wait for the iPhone?

Asked by klaas4 (2186points) December 1st, 2007


Like som may have noticed, I’ve switched to the Mac, so I use iTunes to manage my music. But I want to listen to music on the go, so I should better get an iPod. Or maybe I should wait for the iPhone to come to the Netherlands?

So my question is, should I buy a nano now, or wait for the almost magical iPhone?

Money isn’t a problem. It can wait, a bit. :-)


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I don’t have an iPhone, but many of my friends do and they all love them. If you can wait a few months you’ll save the cost of the ipod, otherwise just buy an ipod now, worst case you sell the ipod used.

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If you’re not into the phone aspect, you could wait for the ipod touch to come to the netherlands. The ipod touch appears to be an iphone withouth the phone.

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i second perchik’s comment. If you do not need the phone aspect, the touch has better value since you get twice the memory for the price of the iPhone. If you have a lot of music and videos, you could get the iPod Classic 80gb (it costs $50 less than the 4gb iPod touch and has a really good battery life compared to the iPod touch)

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The Nanos aren’t very nice at the moment. I vote for the iPod Touch or the iPhone. The Touch seems pretty good—but if you need a phone, too, wait for the iPhone.

Are there any rumors as to when the iPhone will come to the Netherlands?

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If money really isn’t a problem, you could buy an unlocked iPhone in France or Germany and use that—without any hacks—in the Netherlands right now.

Also note that the members of Dutch royal family now have iPhones.

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iPhone – I have the iPod Touch and wish I bought the iPhone. If you have the money, buy a 160GB iPod for your music and video and to tie you over until you get an iPhone.

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all good advice above; I too have an iPhone and honestly have no need beyond the 8gb as you can very easily rotate your playlists and sync them depending on your mood and I rarely carry more than a few videos or films; it’s manageable. If you have an extremely large library or diverse listening preferences 8gb may seem restrictive but most people out there really listen to the same 300–400 songs anyway-just my opinion as theres no hard evidence to verify that but I have owned every generation of iPod except the touch and current gen…

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I’d second snd about the 8gb. If you don’t mind syncing and switching out playlists, 8gb is plenty. I’ve notice that I only use about half of my 80gb (i think its 80) ipod. Even then I only listen to about <1g of that regularly, the rest is either obscure storage, or entire albums if i ever wish to find a particular songs.(which has happened…once…in a year) Stick with the smaller sizes if you really don’t need the big ones.

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I agree with some of the others here – if you don’t want to wait for the iPhone then get the touch. I have had just about every iPod and like the iPhone best. Also if you are happy with your Mac you’ll love the iPhone as it gives you your Mac on the go: syncs Safari bookmarks, address book, calendar, photos, music and more! Good luck and have fun with whatever you choose!

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I have the iphone and love it. iPhones 8mb drive is really too small to hold all your movies and songs so get a 80gb iPod then later get the iPhone so you can surf too

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I’ve got a iPod touch and love it. Really not much of a need to get an iPhone

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If you like your phone, I’d say you need to ask yourself how much media you would like to store on the device. The iPhone will hold about 2,000 songs without video or photos. If you think you would like to store much video or a tremendous amount of music, I would recommend a 160 gb iPod Classic (about 40,000 songs).

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I’ve bought an iPod nano. I needed it too much :-)

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iPhone is coming out with new software in June or sometime in the summer of 2008. wait for the software update. There might even be a new model!

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