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Is it bad that I think that I'm amazing at oral sex?

Asked by jamzzy (885points) April 14th, 2009

I was with my boys the other day at my best friends house with this girl who I’ve been talking to. I’m not really sure how but the conversation quickly turned into oral sex and what we thought of it. There were two other girls besides the girl who I was talking to and they all had different answers. One said ‘Ew’, another said ‘it’s not that bad’, and my girl said ‘I almost like doing it’ (YESSSS!!!!). When it was the guys turn all of my friends said no way, except for me.

In my past relationships I have noticed that my skills in this art are how you would say…fucking amazing. Every girl i have done it to (I’m not some kind of man whore but I’ve done it to enough girls to know that i am good) have screamed for mercy.

All of my friends call me gross, and that it’s disgusting. I don’t really care what they say I just wanted to know that if other, or even most guys feel the same? Same goes for girls, do you even like it, and also what do you think of a guy that can play a vagina like a violin (i had to say it sorry haha.)

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Umm ok well confidence is a great thing, and i believe if you feel your doing a good job then its always better then if you feel like your not doing that well. Id say if you think your good then great but dont go round telling too many people, cocky people are a real turn off!

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Make money from your talent. Get a job in the Post Office licking stamps.

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The only opinions that matter are you, and whoever you are doing.

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i enjoy doing that as well. but i’m pretty sure i’m not as good as you are. would love to get better.

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Great that you have such a high opinion of it, and I’m glad that you can quote Waiting as well (I’m literally in the middle of writing a paper about that movie), but it’s really different for each girl – different strokes for different folks. You can think you’re the fucking best, but there will be girls that you won’t be able to get off. Just make sure you keep reality in check and humbleness in mind every now and again. Personally, I love receiving, and I’ll definitely give as well, though it’s not my favorite thing to do. I’m all about reciprocity, basically. I’m of the opinion that I definitely know my way around a penis, but I’m not going to go posting fluther questions about my ‘skills’.

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i like your response TitsMcGhee. lol.

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I guess we now have the answer to your earlier question

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@jamzzy Ah we are rare and few I believe. I too am a master of the art. Every girl I have ever done the wonder to has begged me for mercy.

I love to do it.
Finally, I have to brag. My wife who loves it like now other. Gushes with pleasure almost evertime…Gushes. : D Oh Ya!

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@jamzzy Can I give you my address??? ’-)

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@jamzzy I think it is a great thing that you think you are so talented, but it won’t do you much good if you don’t make the girl feel beautiful, comfortable, loved, and safe. In other words, save it for the one you truly love then send her to the moon. I think you will find that she enjoys it very much under the right circumstances.

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yup my girl pretty much tastes like candy and she loves it as much as I do…every girl I’ve done it to has loved it…I think some guys just aren’t good at it and probably aren’t that into it…not me, I’ll take a bowl full of peaches any day ;)

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Yeah thats defiantly something to be proud of. The guys that dont do it I think are selfish and only care about there pleasure. I’m glad you steppin up and taking care of your girl and i’m sure she appreciates it too. You go!!

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ever consider the girl is begging for mercy, as in “Please stop. No, really….”
But maybe you are good at it. A girl, or at least me, would much rather be pleasantly surprised. A guy who brags or even mentions how wonderful they are at it probably won’t ever get the chance to try to prove it.

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what kind of asshole wouldn’t do it? I thought it was standard

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Stop! Stop it right now! I’m serious. Haven’t you seen the data? Cunnilingus doesn’t just give you canker sores; it’s the number one cause of flatulance. Excess flatulance can lead to blocked bowel syndrome, which can lead to abbreviated death. But the worst thing is that it is addictive!!! I urge you not to take this risk for a few fleeting moments of pleasure.

I had a friend like you. Lines of women at his front door. Some of them flew in from Aliquippa just to be there. But, first the dreaded flatulance came, and the women stopped lining up at the door. Then came the blocked bowel, which he let go on too long, as he was enjoying his addiction. He was hospitalized, and even when he was at death’s door (the bowelectomy failed), he was still indulging, as nurses from all over the hospital snuck in to take advantage of him. He was at it when he expired. You should have seen the number of people at his funeral; almost all of them women!

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Not at all.

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lol NEVER! I’d rather die than be with my yummy chicken pot pie

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It’s fantastic when he knows what he’s doing. And it helps if he likes doing it or at least doesn’t mind. It’s no fun if he’s forced :/
Be safe! Have fun! Don’t get too big headed.

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I LOVE going down on a girl. Pending my mood I’d rather go down on her than vice versa (although rarely has it been an either or situation…). I don’t necessarily claim that i’m “fucking amazing” at it… But I’ve had multiple girls tell me I was, and I’ve never received a complaint :P .

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Sounds like you’re kind of young and chances are your friends will eventually discover oral sex isn’t so gross. So, who cares what they think. Not all women enjoy it for varying reasons, but I think you’ll find your enthusiasm in this area to be a big positive for you later. Girls really appreciate someone who enjoys going down on them, since some guys can’t be bothered, do it perfunctorily, or just won’t do it at all.

Don’t brag, though. People don’t like braggarts, not to mention pride comes before a fall.. It seems that every time someone gets overly cocky about something, failure is around the corner to knock them down a few pegs. I’ve learned over the years that bragging about your sexual prowess doesn’t get you anywhere. It’s much better to allude to it, even mention you enjoy doing it (that alone is enough to pique a girl’s curiosity), then let them find out for themselves how good you are.

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I never really understood the guy who didnt enjoy going down on girls. I mean do you not understand the fact that your FACE is in a VAGINA. What isnt to like about this scenario?

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Oh @uberbatman I’ve met plenty of guys who would disagree

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@aviona as have i, i just dont understand their logic. Like ewww vagina….. That makes no sense at all!

A womens body should be treated like a wonderland. Love and cherish all of it.

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:) @uberbatman I like your thinking

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@aviona I second that motion!!! WOOF!!! ’-)

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I think it all depends on the person and the relationship (what some people like to call “chemistry”). There have been girls that I loved to lick, even when they had their period (yes, I know how you feel about that….well, I don’t). And then there have been girls where I just hate it and would only do it as a favour (and even then, not wholeheartedly).

And of course the reactions have also been anywhere from “screaming for mercy” (to use your term) to “ok, that’s enough, now just stick it in”.

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@uberbatman, you are my new hero.

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now now ladies, one at a time :P

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do they ever let you go into the back side? my gf won’t let me haha

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