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What's the best approach for extending stopovers on Greyhound? Do I need to ask to keep the first leg's ticket?

Asked by marmoset (1260points) April 14th, 2009

It’s been handled differently on different trips I’ve taken in the past and I can’t get a clear answer from the Greyhound phone line about the right way to do it.

By extending a stopover I mean for example I have a long trip from City A to City C with a transfer scheduled in City B. On my ticket it says we’ll spend one hour in City B, but I want to spend 12 hours in City B because it has a cool museum or something.

Sometimes it’s been fine to just get on any subsequent departure from City B; sometimes they want me to go to the ticket counter and switch my ticket; but one time they warned me I could only do that if I kept my previous leg’s ticket (the part they would normally take from me in City A as I boarded the bus for the leg from City A to City B).

Thank you for any experiences/advice!

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One reason it’s hard to get a clear answer is that it depends on the location and the local custom. Some don’t allow it at all. You might find out more if you talk to several different people, since they all seem to have different answers.

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