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what is the best intimate for my girlfriend who is allergic to K-Y jelly?

Asked by jettyrock (3points) December 1st, 2007 from iPhone

she’s allergic to K-Y, and it burns her internally.

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quick question though…what’s she allergic too? That might help you narrow down your choices. For instance, if it’s glycerine that’s not a good match, try a glycerine-free brand like Hydra-Smooth. Most sex shops (good ones, not nasty dirty freaky kinds) have sample sizes for you to buy/try so you can figure out what works best. Good luck.

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If I were she, I wouldn’t mess around w. trial and error for that particular part of her body; have her check w. her gynecologist before the interior vaginal membranes get REALLY irritated…not a good thing and hideously uncomfortable. Sex shops are fun but maybe not a replacement for a medical look/see.

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mineral oil

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NEVER NEVER use any petroleum-based product as a sexual lubricant for traditional intercourse. Mineral oil is less grim than vasoline but is still NOT advised. Jettyrock’s gf already has allergic reactions to K-Y. which means that the skin is very irritated and tender. The last thing she wants to do is irritate that area further.

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if you’re in the bay area (or boston, or otherwise maybe online), check out good vibrations – they have a variety of products to sample, and staff members that are knowledgeable about ingredients, allergies, differences….. and seeing an OBGYN is a good idea!

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astroglide, available at most stores that sell health and beauty aids (for example wal mart) for about $8.

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Get a new girlfriend.

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Try Liquid Silk. It’s water-based.

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