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Is Obama selling out the USA by bowing to Muslim Imams?

Asked by DREW_R (738points) April 14th, 2009

He did on his trip. I feel he is because our country is not based on religion, especially Islam.

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No he is not. It is a show of respect.

People make me sick…

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No. Obama is showing respect for other people’s religions. The United States was founded in part on the Enlightenment ideal of freedom of conscience, which includes freedom of religion, and Obama is showing appropriate respect to people who believe differently from him.

This is a lesson that several of his predecessors would have done well to have learned.

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This is in no way selling out the us. He is showing respect, and it doesn’t Matter that the us isn’t based on religion, You would show respect to the pope, or anyone else and I think that we should be more gracious to Islamic people since we have been giving them so much shut they don’t deserve

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He simply behaved the way the person wishes to be respected. It’s exactly the same as if the Imam came to the White House and shook Obama’s hand as a greeting. When in a different place, do as they do, provided it does not seriously conflict with one’s personal beliefs. That is showing respect to the place, the people, their traditions, their beliefs. It is in no way selling out.

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No, in fact I think he’s doing what he should following the Bush administration and in general.

Respecting foreign leaders.
And their people’s customs.

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Ignorance! It abounds! Run!

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It could be worse.

I am so glad this is the only crap people can bitch about. OMFG, a bow. At least he didn’t start a war.

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Respect is not equivalent to selling out.

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No way. There’s nothing wrong with showing respect. I was totally going to link what @johnpowell did… you beat me!

Obama’s selling us out in other ways.

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Same S*%t Different Day. ;)

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No. Smooching the king of Saudi Arabia is much worse.

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@cwilbur @ubersiren @augustlan @johnpowell @squirbel @asmonet @dynamicduo @Deathcabforhottie

He could have shown just as much respect more appropriately to the religious leader by shaking his hand. Unless of course he is actually Islamic. ;)

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I watched that video and it honestly didn’t look like he bowed to me.

If he did bow, it lasted less than half a second and was slight enough to be obscured by the dude standing in front of him. It would have been a half-assed show of respect.

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Also, pretty sure the dude he bowed/courtsied/did nothing to was not an imam.

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So say the guy bowed to Obama instead of shaking his hand. Similar outrage?

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How in the world would him imposing his choice of greeting (the handshake) show more appropriate respect to the leader?

And for [whoever you prefer]‘s sake, Obama is not a Muslim. I know you say you’re a redneck in your profile, but you don’t have to believe everything they do, you know ;)

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“He could have shown just as much respect more appropriately to the religious leader by shaking his hand. ”
As i recall (and I will look this up) handshakes aren’t part of Muslim etiquette, because someone might use the left hand, which is viewed as unclean by Muslims.

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OK, was off a bit on that- here’s what I found:


The Muslim handshake is called ‘salam’. A verbal greeting of ‘Assalamualaikum’ follows the salam. This means Peace be upon you’...

When extending a hand to shake that of a person of the opposite sex, a non-Muslim should not be alarmed if the handshake is not taken. This is not a rude gesture. Rather, the Muslim is abiding by the Islamic requirement that discourages physical contact between opposite sexes.

Within the Muslim community, handshaking between a younger and a respectable older person such as his father, mother or teacher goes a step further. The younger person offers the ‘salam’ first by clasping the hand of the elder and then kisses it as a sign of respect.

Right Hand and Left Hand

Muslims also believe that the right hand is better than the left. Therefore, all good and polite deeds are done using the right hand. It is considered rude to either hand over or receive something with the left hand. This hand is associated with cleansing.

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@Les pretty much summed it up. I can’t help but wondering if this question would have come up had he bowed to the Pope.

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No. Read up on intercultural communication.

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No. Obama is making an effort to respect other world leaders and acknowledge their religious and cultural customs.

and it wasn’t an Imam

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I don’t really care, well maybe some because I want us represented the best and he’s the head of our nation.
I know that those who are demanded respect should be given respect, those demanding passion should get passion, those mercy should get mercy.

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When in rome…...

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@DREW_R – Was Bush selling out the US by kissing the same man and then holding his hand as they walked across the lawn?

Seems like a silly point to get all concerned about.

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I, for one, find it refreshing to see the leader of our country show a little respect and humility toward another leader.

It’s that arrogant dick-waving that soured our reputation around the world.

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@cprevite Respect and equality I can understand. Humility to another country leader I can not understand nor tolerate from the leader of my country. They display none of said humility to the USA. Piss on them.

By the way I attacked Bush in the same way for his jaunt accross the lawn holding hands.

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Saudi Arabia doesn’t display humility to the USA? They let Western expats live in gated enclosures under separate systems of law and basically run their economy.

Also, why on earth do you think Obama is showing “humility” based on the video where he doesn’t even bow to the man?

What is it like to live a life of fear?

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@DREW_R: Do you honestly expect an intelligent debate on the President’s relationship to other world leaders when your retort is “Piss on them”?


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Of course. That just spices things up. ;)

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Rednecks need to be deported; just for being dedeedee.

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hehe – ur bad. i like that

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We all know I mean no harm… :D

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