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Login invisible in Adium?

Asked by klaas4 (2186points) December 2nd, 2007


In Windows Live Messenger you can choose to login invisible. (so you can see your contacts, but your contacts can’t see that you’re online) A (reactively new) feature even allows you to send messages, even if you’re invisible.

Can this also be done in Adium. So that when I start Adium, my buddies can’t see me, but I am logged in.

It’s kind of complicated to explain this, but I hope you understand it.


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I know what you’re talking about. iChat for Leopard supports invisibility. I think Adium supports it too. Do you seen an option for “Invisible” in the State menu in the Custom… status window? Documentation.

I recently uninstalled Adium, so I can’t check for myself, but this should work. You can follow the instructions on the linked page (at the bottom) to save your Invisible status so that you’re invisible as soon as you login.

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From the documentation:
“Connecting with a specific status

To connect with a specific status, simply set it on the account’s submenu while the account is offline. The account will be connected and put in the status of your choice immediately.”

I’ve searched, but that option is nowhere to be found…

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I have Adium in Leopard, and I do not see an option to set any or all accounts to log in as Invisible.

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If you’re invisible when you log out and/or quit Adium, you will be invisible when you log back in.

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To go under invisable in adium, select invisable under the status menu.

Adium remembers your status when you log out, so if your invisable when you log out, you’ll be invisable when you log back in. If youre away when you log out, you’ll be away when you log back in.

If you didnt set a status when you logged out, you can still switch to invisable before you log back in.


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OK, I get it now. Thank you all.

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