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What if I don't file my state taxes and the state would owe me money?

Asked by Danielzilla (47points) April 14th, 2009

What if I don’t file my state taxes and the state would owe me money? Does anything happen?

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Nope. If they owe you money and you don’t file you are fine. I’m not sure why you wouldn’t since you have already done the hard part (filling out the forms).

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Then you get nothing.

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….why would you not file them? That is money they used of yours – bad enough you didn’t have it throughout the year, but they don’t pay interest. File them!

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There is a statute of limitations on how long they owe you the money. If however you owe them money, there is no statute of limitations.

I think in most states as with the federal government, you are required to file if you made over a set amount of money whether there is indebtedness or not. I live out of the country but am still required to file federal tax returns.

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The state hasn’t ever owed me money, how much of a loan did you give them?
It’s a quick process, and can probably be filed free online.
You should get your money back.

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After three years, you are no longer entitled to deductions.

So in year four, you owe them money. Thats when they will come calling.

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You should file, if for no other reason than to keep yourself off the radar in the event you do file during other years. They may question why you skipped a year, or whatever.

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