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If you could have heard the deathbed confessions of one person from history, who would you pick?

Asked by Jude (32131points) April 14th, 2009
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Roy Cohn or J. Edgar Hoover

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Tough one.

Maybe FDR?...... Truman would give you the “truth” about Area 51 since it happened on his watch.

Lincoln would be cool but less for secrets you would want to know and more for just the coolness of it.

Hitler to know all his morbid secrets.

Good question though, would take a lot of thought to answer it.

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Lee Harvey Oswald would be good too.

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@Supersqueaky; ftw.

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Gotta agree with Oswald. Nixon might have been fun too.

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Charles Darwin, just to disprove all of the folktales about it.

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Leonardo DaVinci…Why exactly is the Mona Lisa smiling?

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William S. Burroughs

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Adam and Eve.
hold on, back than there were no beds yet, but still :)

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Probably Jesus.

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John Lennon
Edgar Allen Poe
Billie Holiday
Jeff Buckley
Elizabeth I
Henry VIII
Malcolm X
Graham Chapman

I know some of them didn’t die in bed, but, you know, if I’d’ve a chance to hear what they had to say, I’d’ve wanted to hear it.

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@jsc3791 “man, I’ve had these suckers going for 30 years…” I kid I kid…

I’d have to say Marc Antony though.

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D. B. Cooper. Who was he, did he survive, and where did the money go?

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Holy shit, I can’t pick just one!

Thomas Jefferson
Anne Boleyn
Leonardo Da Vinci- excellent call by @FGS
Mark Twain
Elizabeth Bathory
Emma Goldman
Walt Disney
Genghis Khan
William Wallace
Joseph Smith and Brigham Young

I just got WAY too psyched about this question! LUUUUUUUURVE!

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@ubersiren, lurve for Joseph Smith! I would so love to hear what Maroni looked like, what s/he really said to him and what really happened to the first set of golden tablets. He was quite a colorful character! You know who else would be interesting? L. Ron Hubbard. I would love to hear him admit that the whole Scientology thing was just a scheme to sell books.

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@hungryhungryhortence I like the Burroughs response. I would like to know exactly what he and others saw in their magic experiments at The Beat Hotel with Brion Gysin. My pick would be E. Howard Hunt or Richard Nixon. They knew more than they told.

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I vote preemptively for G.W. Bush. I’d pick Cheney, but I don’t think he’d tell the truth even on his death bed.

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Barbra Streisand (yes, I know she’s alive, but I meant whenever that time comes).

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Until the 1927 world championship match, challenger Alexander Alekhine had never beaten champion Jose Raul Capablanca at chess. So Capablanca was probably a little overconfident heading into the match, and then a very well-prepared challenger surprised him, and took the title from him.

The shock prompted Capablanca, who was lazy by nature, to get off his butt and work to regain his title. He played some of the best chess of his life while showing the world that he deserved a rematch, but Alekhine dodged and evaded at every opportunity. The shame of all that was that both players were playing at such a high level then that a rematch surely would’ve produced some historically great games.

I would’ve liked to have heard Alekhine admit in his last hours that he didn’t want to grant a rematch because he knew he would’ve lost it.

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I also vote preemptively for G.W. Bush. Assuming he was willing to tell the truth. I’d like to know what he covered up.

@Jack79, Why Barbara Streisand?

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I knew someone was bound to ask that sooner or later…

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And…? Is it private?

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Nostradamus. Judas Iscariot. Nero. Cleopatra. Nikola Tesla. Mark Twain.

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First thought – it’s gotta be Hitler.

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But he already wrote everything in “Mein Kampf”:

Everyone who’s tall and blonde in good. Everyone else is bad. Kill the Jews.

I don’t think it got any further than that. His last thoughts were probably “damn Commies are going to take over Pankow now!”

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Well I haven’t read Mein Kampf yet.. Anyway, that’s my answer damnit! Didn’t think you could have a wrong answer on a question like this.

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lol no, there’s no wrong answer :)

was just being cheeky…sorry, didn’t mean to offend.

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You haven’t offended :)

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Will Thomas, “friend of the Cherokee”.

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